A Comforting Death.

A Comforting Death. I wonder what’s left for me to write. What words have yet been unsaid by my soiled eyes, Or what murmurs have yet gone unnoticed, Among the chatter in the skull. And the incessant urge of plunging into demise.   It crumples me down, The inconsistency of the ravishing winds, And the […]

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“I Wonder.” by Imaan Siddiq

I Wonder. I wonder. What secrets lie dormant in the once breathing body. What passions flowed unhindered through the agile brain, An uncovered utopia or a fearless ambition? An image flashes by. One which is daunting, unforgiving and pierces through the inanimate. An ancient revival of contemplation, In the words you used to read, And […]

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The Silence Prevailing the Act.

It all goes by us in less than a flurry. A company of iotas passing by in the ravishing second. It didn’t take a second chance or a fleeting look back at that which we cherish. It all faded out, converged, diverged, separated and blacked out in front of us like the curtain that separates […]

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