Who We Are.

I see from the corner of my eyes the drops of water dripping into the basin. I now wonder whether those are just drops of water or my tears and I instantly rinse my face multiple times. I keep on rinsing and looking into the unclear bathroom mirror my scarred, pale face with reddened eyes […]

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“Monsters” by Imaan Siddiq

We saw them once, Standing on the dark staircase. We were petrified Yet we could still run and retell. Why were they so scary? Monsters they were only, Solitary and non-existent maybe, Dead they were, just like our souls now New we were always, But how ancient we felt. We ran away from them. However […]

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“Ascension” by Imaan Siddiq

I tear away the expectations, Unanimously glued to me. I rise from the Earth, The clay and the hearth, In which you carelessly buried me. I rise above and beyond, And break free from the shackles, That bounded me from taking flight, In the open blue skies. I rise for once and for all, I […]

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“Spirits” by Imaan Siddiq

Spirits Why do I see beauty? Beauty where there should be none. For my eyes are accustomed to the non-existent. I could see and hear and feel them, They are the liberated souls of the deceased. Why do I rely on them? Well, we are all bodies of our own actions, And actions of our […]

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