A Vale of Tears.

It isn’t often that I recede into the fading non-existence to but catch a glimpse of a parallel humanity that runs unhindered through the ravines of a disintegrating Land of Eden. It is only in a flurry of a moment that it is contemplated about the verdant landscapes of Kashmir, among the then invigorating breezes […]

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Words of Sagacity.

It isn’t just intuition to always listen to the silence encompassing as you stand at the pivot of staggering words and a pretension towards the innumerable words of wisdom that lay hanging in the Land of Eden. There isn’t anything without a consequence nor an objective without the art of subjectivity as personalities metamorphose with […]

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“The Lost Pearl” by Lara Zuberi

It is only in the prepossession of the lost that one tends to find the verdancy in the barren landscape, one that has been called home for centuries. One that has persevered through thick and thin and has reincarnated the incessant marathon among the wordless oceans and the abodeless lands. It doesn’t exhilarate me to […]

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The Stained Constellations

It isn’t the apprehension that blinds me, Or the rejection that clogs my wellbeing. It is the sense of inadequacy that takes the charm, From the guiltless moons, And the stained constellations that flicker inconsequently. Nor does the edge petrify me to falter, To step forward and but forget the burdens hosing us down. It […]

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A Comforting Death.

A Comforting Death. I wonder what’s left for me to write. What words have yet been unsaid by my soiled eyes, Or what murmurs have yet gone unnoticed, Among the chatter in the skull. And the incessant urge of plunging into demise.   It crumples me down, The inconsistency of the ravishing winds, And the […]

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“I Wonder.” by Imaan Siddiq

I Wonder. I wonder. What secrets lie dormant in the once breathing body. What passions flowed unhindered through the agile brain, An uncovered utopia or a fearless ambition? An image flashes by. One which is daunting, unforgiving and pierces through the inanimate. An ancient revival of contemplation, In the words you used to read, And […]

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