“You Won’t Succeed.”

“How dare you say that which you don’t mean. It’s not your place to hear or see.” I shrink my body and avert my eyes. “Speak you mule, you insolent being.” “Words, Oh Words,” is all I could murmur. What life is I fail to understand, If words could contain it, death would be envious. […]

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A Note To An Ending.

As the sun would rise to take its place in the overarchy and the moon to set foot in the concealment of that which turns a blind eye to it, a person like any other creature shall set a foot forward, outside his refuge into a wilderness only stared at from the looking-glass, a means […]

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The Issue of Kashmir.

I could not feel the shards of glass inside my skin, as I looked over the window, my heart beating a million miles per hour. I did not understand where this bravery had come from, where this sudden voice had taken birth and how had it taken refuge in my bleeding body, broken soul and […]

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As you stand in the mirror and stare at a reflection once known better as a human being, but now merely an image, unknown and unsure. You barely see a few streams down your cheek but as you glare straight through the transparency, you know that there are oceans of words unsaid, myriad of sentiments […]

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