A Call To The Wild

You see life is but nothing without the excitement of the unknown and the unhindered. Us as man and as God’s miracles are but just spiritual, celestial bodies sent down to learn from this anonymity and to find that which is good and apprehend that which is bad. However it is not the destination that […]

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8 Books That Changed My Life

I believe that every book is a teacher that teaches you something new, something different. I have never read a book that has not taught me anything. Now what you learn from the book depends on the genre, the writer, the language and even your own perception. Often times you won’t even remember the entire […]

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“Dear Wind,” by Imaan Siddiq

You cup me up and take me to elevated heights, You wipe my tears with your ghastly hands, You transport my spirit to places unknown, Oh Dear Wind, You carry in your bosom, Sounds oblivious to my ears. Sights imperceptible to my vision, And smells that invigorate my body. From narrow streets to wide rivers, […]

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“Time” by Imaan Siddiq

The light peeped in from the hole, In the shape of time. The time we had and the one we lost. It was no more than a ticking clock. Thee said, “Time is eternal”, How come life be then mortal? For mortality seeks revenge On the plodding needle That once passed without any accusations.   […]

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The Odd One Out.

As I sit in the diversity of human thought and action I realize that in this garden of thought, every flower differs. I couldn’t quite put my finger on it but it felt as if I was supposed to be like the people around me or to act like them, think like them and rise […]

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