A Coffin of Chrysanthemums.

The interminable ruffles of silence,Enveloping and nestling deeper within the recluses of our reminiscence,Sniffing the scent of jasmine beneath the wavering putridity;“This too shall pass…” – death.A Vale of Verdancy luminescent alongside our globular organs,Forsaken yet reciprocated.The glimmer of ravens within your beady iotas.“My sepulchre…” as the whispers invigorate the phantoms lying awake.A brush of […]

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As you stand in the mirror and stare at a reflection once known better as a human being, but now merely an image, unknown and unsure. You barely see a few streams down your cheek but as you glare straight through the transparency, you know that there are oceans of words unsaid, myriad of sentiments […]

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What Travelling Has Taught Me

As I walk along the muddy narrow streets and the hot air brushes across my sun burnt cheeks I can feel beads of sweat swarming my forehead and my temples. I cannot comprehend whether it is the desert heat or the newness of my presence there. Whatever it might be, I knew it was an […]

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