An Ode to Sanity.

An Ode to Sanity – A Short Story by Imaan Siddiq I can’t seem to unsee the demise that lies untethered in my line of sight. The flames of reverence that shall glisten on the doomsday of an unhindered gloom yet I won’t survive. I might as well die of internal conflict rather than the […]

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The Unnamed.

(TW: This is written in the light of the unfathomable strength, courage and resolve of the people of Palestine and an earnest prayer for this genocide, ethnic cleansing and colonial settlement to end soon.) A façade. Enveloping, gradually insisting in the prevalence of a narcissistic idealism, one that feeds the fed and not the hungry. […]

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A Vale of Tears.

It isn’t often that I recede into the fading non-existence to but catch a glimpse of a parallel humanity that runs unhindered through the ravines of a disintegrating Land of Eden. It is only in a flurry of a moment that it is contemplated about the verdant landscapes of Kashmir, among the then invigorating breezes […]

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Words of Sagacity.

It isn’t just intuition to always listen to the silence encompassing as you stand at the pivot of staggering words and a pretension towards the innumerable words of wisdom that lay hanging in the Land of Eden. There isn’t anything without a consequence nor an objective without the art of subjectivity as personalities metamorphose with […]

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The Silence Prevailing the Act.

It all goes by us in less than a flurry. A company of iotas passing by in the ravishing second. It didn’t take a second chance or a fleeting look back at that which we cherish. It all faded out, converged, diverged, separated and blacked out in front of us like the curtain that separates […]

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To Give Up or to Persist?

Within the bounds of ambition and growth, many a time is one faced with an hour of awakening, as the setting ablaze of a dragon previously in slumber or the dawn to a chaotic night spent by a warrior, the demand of light after a sleepless night of darkness. It comes to you like a […]

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Mental Health – A Discussion

Thought and mind can unravel the mysteries of anything and everything. They are the brightest color on the dullest day and the warmest cloak on the coldest night. They encase and envelope everything around us, from a single thread in the ravines of our brain to the clump of paint on a canvas, to every […]

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The People We Love.

The human mind at times can make the soul feel nothing less than a pile of carcasses. As if, reality punches you in the face and tells you to wake up from your utopian ideals and to look for once towards the people that actually matter. This is relative. It is often in life that […]

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