The Unnamed.

(TW: This is written in the light of the unfathomable strength, courage and resolve of the people of Palestine and an earnest prayer for this genocide, ethnic cleansing and colonial settlement to end soon.) A façade. Enveloping, gradually insisting in the prevalence of a narcissistic idealism, one that feeds the fed and not the hungry. […]

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To Lost Souls.

Restless isn’t it?The glorification of death,A cementing ache of completion.The matter over mind…Alas! Perhaps it is in the edifice of kinship,The Vale of Love breathing in the air in which we gradually corrode,A grain of sand – an aeon of history. To ruminate in the woes of a carcass,Your nurturing blooms in a despondent awe […]

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The Gleam in Our Eyes.

It fluttered through the frenzy, An incantation of earnesty. Miles apart it stood, Whole and rattled, As I floated among the earthen layers, And the winter sun, Alas, losing its enmity to me. To what wonder it rested, The dead below us and the dying among us. As if light could penetrate us all, Like […]

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A Vale of Tears.

It isn’t often that I recede into the fading non-existence to but catch a glimpse of a parallel humanity that runs unhindered through the ravines of a disintegrating Land of Eden. It is only in a flurry of a moment that it is contemplated about the verdant landscapes of Kashmir, among the then invigorating breezes […]

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Words of Sagacity.

It isn’t just intuition to always listen to the silence encompassing as you stand at the pivot of staggering words and a pretension towards the innumerable words of wisdom that lay hanging in the Land of Eden. There isn’t anything without a consequence nor an objective without the art of subjectivity as personalities metamorphose with […]

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