About Me


Life is a form of art and who we are and our existence are all genres of art. This art that we represent has to be discovered and explored. This is where I discover the genres of life that co-exist around us and the beauty of things that we often overlook.

I am Imaan Siddiq, the author of this blogging website. This is where I’ll be writing about things and factions of my life that are extremely important to me. The things that I see from my perspective and how it impacts all that there is to my existence. The genres that I’ll be mostly writing about are listed on the next page. From humanity to writing and reading and then travelling and exploring nature, the one gift we forget to discover.

In looking farther away, we often forget the things that matter. We all sing with our tenderest voices, the melodies of our hearts and the rhapsodiesĀ of our memories, it’s just a matter of listening hard enough. Everything that you’ve ever known, every religion, every ideology, every experience, every memory, every saint and sinner in the history of species lived out their stories in a speck of dust, suspended in space and time.

E-mail: imaansiddiq15@gmail.com