Birth Anew.

Hushhush as the silence corrodes
A luminosity wavering beneath –
Your shadowed gazes,
And our muffled breaths.
My name – it could echo in sinned ravines,
The clamor of spoon against bowl,
A slaughtering devoured in frame.
Slackening close against the conscience…
A noose of blossoming – wilt to birth anew.
A tremble down the gouged globular organs:
The red deepening within its stead.
“Thy Lord resonates – Our Judgement within folly.”                                                           – what empathy shall thy reverence show?
The slipped embrace underneath –
A putridity of wavering silhouettes
Snuggling ripples of numbing recollections.
“You’re okay. You aren’t there. No…adsorb -“
Are you here?
The rattling of cattle prods against Arcady,
I could subjugate within its absolution.
The renegade recalcitrance –
And the crimson pallor of our clenched fists.
Which could come first?

– Imaan Siddiq

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