Words of Sagacity.

It isn’t just intuition to always listen to the silence encompassing as you stand at the pivot of staggering words and a pretension towards the innumerable words of wisdom that lay hanging in the Land of Eden. There isn’t anything without a consequence nor an objective without the art of subjectivity as personalities metamorphose with time and incessant counselling, either of vice or of virtue. For even the worst advice is advice after all and based on some level of subjective bias or apprehension. Thus the lot of both good and bad advice often constitutes a plethora of ideals and notions that an individual develops.

It isn’t a blur in the memory when I reminisce about reading my late grandfather’s notes. Potential words of sage or maybe just scribbles in a flurry of sentiment which have never ceased to be of significance especially for those that didn’t get to breathe the same air as him, remembers each and every syllable of what he said and inculcated on paper. He always said that often in looking in others, what we find is but a reflection of our own selves, a piece of advice that he had always imparted through the generations. 

And though, every word of meaning has its pros and cons in practical application, I have resonated with it. I have given way to my conscience to listen to others and observe even the slightest of discrepancies around me, in people and in the woes of nature. To look in others more than insisting in the intrinsic intricacy. And more often than not, it has eased internal conflicts and has offered a sense of humility and modesty for there is more beauty outside of what we envision to only be ourselves. There is a refuge and there is always a hand to be held, and except the diversity, there is a similitude in being human. It has made me apprehend that the reflection of ourselves we see in the mirror is but just a play of light and physics, it is the constant of empathy and consideration for others that alters the monotonous. Not only has it made me a more responsible individual but has instilled in me to not give up on doctrines and to always give before taking because in giving we receive. 

Alternatively, though I am adamant that no piece of words is ill-omened, there has been a bit of resonating advice that has led me to question my deeds and remain an antagonist throughout the climax. A long lost friend of mine would always state that cunningness is but just a refuge for the fox, and what that means is that being cunning is but a natural instinct and is imperative in cementing your way through the extrinsic follies. Unapologetically at times, I have implemented it and I question who hasn’t but it has never been to a virtuous resort and but incited an incessant cycle of malice and dishevelment. It makes you into an epitome of a deceitful personality, someone who resorts to vested interests in utilizing others and it isn’t going to take but a moment of repentance for everyone else to treat you with that pre-existing similitude. Regardless of what little is gained is worthless in retrospect of what fades away. 

Thus, not only does the extrinsic and intrinsic values makes you reflect and contrast between the chatter in the skull and then resort to a resolution that doesn’t harass the value judgement of any character but also insists you to learn from the foolishness of momentary disbelief towards a proactive assertion. 

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