“The Silence of Disbelief.” – The Fourth Absolution

It is with a certain uncertainty that one color merges with the other on a plane of symmetry to ensure fulfillment of satisfaction. It is also with utmost confidence and delicacy that the palette knife cuts into the colors to declare its underlying ruthlessness to thus give birth to uncharted beauty as the colors forget their previously defined bounds and flourish and bloom like flowers in spring as the birds sing upon the tree beneath which lays the downtrodden heart of the artist.


With the coming of age, I have always held an intricate eye towards abstraction. It seemed quite inquisitive to me, how a concept or an idea could convey more and exist in the ravines of time, unbound by the stereotypical representations in art. This is similar to the ideology of how varying sentiments can be conveyed from the same symphony or rhapsody by adding in newer symphonies.

The reason I felt a certain pull towards abstraction was the idea of freedom it represented. The idea of representing something more than it could ever amount to be. Additionally, what seems like a more exciting idea concerning abstraction is that it is not only the artist on a pedestal declaring his or her ode to the painting but it is the artist and the viewer involved in an intricate relationship, where both perceptions carry equal significance for abstraction uproots the prepossessing idea of relativity which in turn binds the edifice of diverse ideologies in humanity, if not all I suppose.

The Creative Process Involved

This is the fourth painting in the series and was my first painting made with the use of a palette knife. So, there wasn’t a specific creative process behind it in fact the motivation behind it was this colorful, eye-catching painting that carries a hidden significance with it. For many years, there have been many nights where I had found myself in a Youtube rabbit hole, watching satisfying videos of innumerable talented artists using a palette knife to create all sorts of intricate and abstract pieces of art and it was truly a feast for the eyes and the brain.

Thus I gladly remember that the first step I took was to buy a set of palette knives of course and for someone who did not know how to use them, I first decided to test the technique on a sketch pad and to be honest, I ended up with a huge glob of mixed colors of acrylic paint with no fulfilled dreams of an abstract painting. It was quite disappointing since it always looked easier in the videos but it was my first try on the technique so no blame whatsoever. Thus eventually, I left my dream uncharted for a while on the back of my mind and as soon as I got some free time on my hands, I picked up a small canvas and some palette knives and acrylic paint and made my way to the roof.

I imagined that maybe the open air might ignite some of the hindered imagination and then there wasn’t any huge process involved. I just picked up colors and literally threw them on a canvas and then scraped them around using the palette knives. I still have not adequately learned the entire technique or even the basics of it but I was somehow content with my first try or maybe the painting in itself just holds immense significance for me. I can’t quite put my finger on it, but there is something quite concealed and hidden in the painting and it kind of just flickers across the brain once I view the painting, or better even, it might just be my imagination.


However, since this is one of the Narratives of Absolution there is definitely some unfathomable depth behind it and since I termed this painting, “The Silence of Disbelief.” it is inherently the visual representation of one of my poems

It basically refers to a sudden yet anticipated apprehension of the current emotional regulation of the human brain and how in the process of growth it isn’t once when a look shed back depicts the vice that you’re running away from.

As the poem states:

“What is it that I have left behind?

Is it the contentment of humanity?

Or the vice of apathy?

Am I a symphony among the chords,

Or the silence before the mayhem?

Am I the black in the grey,

Or the sustenance of white?


Am I a hand of warmth?

Or a painting of lost colors?

Like a wandering pigment,

In the art of survival.”

– Imaan Siddiq, An Entity of Vice

Photography of the said Narrative


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