The Art of Absolution – A Timeless Effort

At times, it is with intricacy that we treat our heart and when the storms of rebellion stoop inwards and the walls crack under the anonymous wrath, it is the artist who quivers in his stead and utters the unsaid words in a rhapsody of colors and shades upon a void colored null. Whether the skies rumble and the clouds shake the life out of the human soul or the sun scorches upon the land of Arcady and the greenery decomposes to carcasses, an artist finds art whether the difference lies in between the bleak and the verdant. However, what the hands draw and fill color into and what the eyes see, it is but a relativity that connects the absolute in Parallel Universes under the same ravine of time.

IMG_2083 - Copy

I can always reminisce back to the days in which art class used to be a part of the school timetable and most of the students would treat it like a talkative session rather than a creative break. To be honest, I didn’t really like art class because all the students would get a chance to group together and gossip about people they disliked or rather express some ruthless opinions about others and that entirely beats the purpose and edifice of any sort of art. Growing up, I wasn’t very adept at art and didn’t even pay a lot of attention to it for I was never the student who would be called to the front of the class and be encouraged to show my artwork since I wasn’t an artist.

However as I’ve grown up, I have come to apprehend the relativity of the term and its flexibility especially in the diversity of the current era. How art has come to be more than intricate, accurate yet prepossessing artworks and paintings made by a few people in art classes. How art encompasses almost the entirety of the creative influx that surrounds and intricately binds together humanity as a whole as stated in Art: The Movement of the Millennia. How art isn’t just about expensive apparatus and a huge audience to appreciate it. It is thus relative. 

Consequently, the relativity of art is what gives it diversity and makes it a series of loud bangs in the silence before the chaos and the serenity after the conclusion of commotion. It can’t ever be entirely understood, whether it is by the artist himself or by a bystander, it remains a mystery till eternity. One to be contemplated upon and to be discovered through conscious and unconscious efforts for worth lies beyond anonymity and it is the creative process of discovery and inquisition that fuels the human intuition. This is further proven when we oversee the growth and metamorphosis of art and its variant uprooted branches over history, time and human growth and how many of such extrinsic and intrinsic factors each affect the absolution of Art and has been further discussed in how Art Metamorphosed the World.

The following few blogs are going to be a part of my creative processes with painting in specific and the narratives of my Thinking Brain with regards of a few of my initial paintings that I believe hold immense significance in my artistic journey and may be are of interest to my readers as well!

Be it an emotion or a sentiment expressed in the stroke of color that stands with confidence on the uncertainty of the white canvas, or a tear shed by one in the darkness of the night, a soaked pillow or the emaciated figure of loss and nihilism that shatters the absolution of a whole unhindered or a future accomplished. It is only in the golden hour of inquisition when the intricacy of the thought, mind and emotion merge to rise from glory like strokes of brush on a robust canvas.

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