“A Creed of Disconnection” by Imaan Siddiq

A Creed of Disconnection

I can sense the disconnection.

A feeling of familiarity,

But a loss of symbiosis.

As it is but a word of utterance

That shatters the sanity,

And the hands quiver,

The eyes lose sight,

And the body shrinks into the void of sullenness.


I can feel the nostalgia,

Of the previous pieces,

That I had left behind.

A broken mess in completion,

And a retraction of the victory of virtue.


I feel the bitterness,

Nudged into an ageing corner,

Of the unfamiliar stone that heaved carelessly,

But with due grace indeed.


I take my resounding step,

My Act has ended,

For it never began, 

And I glare at the inevitability.

The night right in front of my face,

And I feel the concluding full stop,

As the senses fade,

And all that remains,

Is the grief of a sin I didn’t commit.

– Imaan Siddiq



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