“Even These Words” by Imaan Siddiq

Even These Words

It isn’t when I close my eyes,

That I see you.

For the vision is ever-present,

As I stare into the nothingness,

And you look down upon me.


It isn’t a sadness that I feel,

Nor is it a sign of grief.

It is a grin of tranquility,

And the happiness of acceptance.

It isn’t a change of circumstance,

Nor is it an infinite alteration.

In fact even these words,

Are but the flurry of a moment,

A smile passed by,

Or a look cast back.


I doubt if you’re reading this,

Whether it is the intrigue or the envy,

It depends upon the context.

But what matters,

Is the rush of time and life,

As they gully through the ravines

Of an unprecedented cosmos

And as they rush into a soul of silence,

The eyes open in wonder,

And a sound is ever-present.

The sound of waves gushing,

And the wind blowing.

As gusts and rays and waves form a euphoria in plain existence,

And it is only then,

When these words are said in the flurry of a moment,

A smile passed by,

And a look cast back.

– Imaan Siddiq


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