A Note To An Ending.

As the sun would rise to take its place in the overarchy and the moon to set foot in the concealment of that which turns a blind eye to it, a person like any other creature shall set a foot forward, outside his refuge into a wilderness only stared at from the looking-glass, a means in fact to see that which remains curtained.

Like age progresses with time, the human soul and mind acts like a sponge, soaking up all the knowledge and experience that it can get not only from the surroundings and the people that constitute it but also from the good and bad that encompasses life and the fate that it brings to the empty arms of a creature. Like a gift in your bosom, intriguing yet unpredictable. Similarly as time ages metaphorically and so does the human body in actuality, years pass and time nonetheless also passes. It is a very simple concept, not hard to grasp but even more difficult to accept and persist in it.

As an individual like anyone else, there are always things that you not necessarily learn but more importantly apprehend as you progress for change is the only constant in life and learning is unavoidable for it is the nature of all existence and life in the universe. For as people learned over the years and sowed the seeds of their apprehension it us who reap their fruit and tend to sow our own seeds.

IMG_1334 (2)

What I Have Apprehended Through the Course of this Year

So when we talk about apprehensions, I won’t say that they are exactly like lessons. There is a fine line that separates the two theoretical terms, a very fine line indeed but it does carry immense significance if taken into account in an individual’s life. When I talk about lessons, I talk about something that you’ve learned by whatever methodology that might have been but more often that lessons are something you abide by, something that you incessantly follow in life and something that you did not know before. Now apprehensions I believe are like a set of things, that your brain or deep down you already know but they resurface or are put into words and they become your apprehensions and often beliefs you also abide by.

Here is a list of a few of them that I apprehended this year (although I would say these were probably fueled throughout my life but let’s give something a little credit):

  1. I would say that the first and foremost thing I have realized is the greatness of humanity, humility and modesty. To often see that which is incessantly happening around us with creatures of our same kind and not turn a blind eye to them because you have your own problems to deal with but a person is only a human when they feel for others. Empathy is an important factor and often forms the basis of all three of the afore mentioned terms. To not lose your sanity in the face of opposition and terror and to kind of persist in virtue even if all forces antagonize against you. To remain grounded no matter how much you achieve and accomplish and to always think of others being equal to you. Moreover, to not let your own trials over-arch your sense of equality and humanity, but to feel equally for all and let the bigger picture, and a brighter hope fuel you.
  2. I also have perceived the significance of faith or on a lesser standard we can call it belief. You see as an individual there is always something that fuels us, or at least there should be for a life lived without belief is a life often without outcomes. Whatever is it you believe in, there is always something that makes you passionate and ambitious and drives you forward. There is always something that someone often ‘lives by’, be it a motto or even a memory of someone deceased, but just a tad of belief in it can multiply into fields of faith that you reap and eventually drives you to elevated heights. Often it is this faith or beliefs that give you a sense of the bigger picture, something that is often hidden as we aim towards smaller goals but is the eventual overarching aim.
  3. Moreover, I have apprehended the acquirement of a sense of responsibility. We have to realize or at least I did that it is important to know your own good and bad and to apprehend your own actions whether they were fueled by vice or virtue and whatever outcome they had, it is significant that we accept what we have done, presently and previously. And in fact the most significant of it all is to face the consequences of whatever you have done because if it is your actions then it is only fair that you alone face the consequences and deal with it on your own accord. If you’ve made a mistake, accept it and try to make amends to the greatest extent that you can and eventually learn from it. For it is not fair that you ever blame others for your own mistakes, that is not tactical, it is in fact a weakness.
  4. This is something that I have worked on for years but only recently apprehended, but to put in words, it goes something like this, “Resilience is not the attainment of success in your pursuit, it is the endless pursuit of succeeding.” Of course, perseverance requires strength or this sense of endless pursuit regardless of the outcome. A fury in a flurry for often in the very first try, you end up thinking of giving up if you don’t get the desired results but then that isn’t resilience.
  5. Over the years, the connection between physical fitness and how it elevates the value of life has become even clearer to me. Thus I apprehended the immense significance that an individual’s physical fitness has on their life and though different variables obviously vary but nonetheless your health has a lot to contribute in many, if not all the factors of your life. No matter how busy you are or how booked your schedule is, it is incumbent that there is some if not an adequate amount of physical fitness incorporated in your daily life whether it is going to the gym or even just going for a walk.
  6. Additionally, this is something that I have observed immensely over the years, and especially this year and also somewhat tried to work on it, but no consequence. It is that most, if not all of our problems in life are mainly fueled by how we think and how we choose to look at them and then eventually face them. It is about how almost everything is a mind game. You choose what you want to do and then how you perceive it, is your own mind game. This ideology can be referred in connection to many other countless theories of perceptions, psychological predictability and even general and sophisticated thought processes.
  7. I have apprehended something that I would say three years ago, would seem a joke to me. Friendship. Now like often, I run out of words when I describe this idea of a theme, but I presume it might be unfair if I won’t. I would say it is difficult to find people in this variant of a cosmos that actually see the good in you before they see the bad. And often at times, it is difficult to see others for what they are earnestly trying to do and many times in your own insanity you tend to take a step back, not only from everything but mostly from everyone. This is I would say for many, a kind of safe haven not for them, but for those around them because you don’t want to bring others down on a sinking ship. But nonetheless, there are those who do tend to stay and persist and as always this is a mystery to me, in fact overwhelming to an extent that I still fail to fathom it.
  8. “It is often by looking in others, that we find ourselves.” This is something that I have always, till this day lived by and the most significant in this list. In fact it is a prospect that I first came across in my mind around 3 years ago and ever since, I have had countless times when it has driven me to tears as I would see everything unfold and eventually this would be the only thought prevailing through the mist. And though whatever I say or write, would prove depreciating to the significance of this prospect the most I can state is that it is not unnatural when everything becomes a huge blur, like a spec of non-existence in the color of life and it is then when the human nature frantically searches for something, concealed or obvious. And just like it is said that the greatest listeners become the greatest speakers. Be it in the eyes of perception, or the smile in a silence, or in the warmth of open arms, or even in the diffused reflections of someone deceased, it is often by looking in others, that we find ourselves.


I believe that in the innumerable diversity of life every human soul finds a refuge in living and not only existing. That a mark is made, no matter how hard the fist is clenched or how choked the neck gets, that the human spirit makes its way through the density of its own growth and its own outcome. And that whatever makes our hearts heave or our souls to depart, it is always something of value that is left behind, even if it is just a memory or a smile spread across someone’s face. For it is not in the inanimate that we find worth, it is always in the unfathomable cosmos that everything somewhere connects and moves the needle of life.

What Life is I fail to understand,

If Words could contain it, Death would be envious.

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