Is Liberty just an Illusion, or Something More?

As you sit beneath the azure sky and stare into the oblivion that surrounds you, you realize it is often the things you don’t have that make up all that you do have. It is like this invisible matter that fills this void of existentialism like a moving force unseen, unheard and unknown. Which is exactly why, the unknown is what we seek. Even when we know in the deepest of our hearts, what it is that we yearn for, it is always a journey of might in the wild and not a journey of precision in wishful thinking. That is all but an illusion, for fate and destiny do co-exist among the ravines of time that intertwine with life and its creatures.

You see, the idea of liberty is quite fascinating. How what you think is exactly what you might want to do at that given moment in time, and that you may go to great extents to achieve it but then if you fail to attain it then does it perhaps hint at the fact that there is no liberty, for you still do not get that what you yearned for. Thus the question that is instilled is that, is liberty the action that is free for us to take upon, or the actual attainment of the results we desire?


According to Jules Renard, “Liberty is the right to choose. Freedom is the result of the right choice.” This is quite an intriguing discussion if we consider that even if there is a difference in between, it exists within a very fine line.  So you see, when we think of something, we have liberty over it, or do we? Aren’t our thought processes influenced by those and that which is around us, but then is it our own conscience that allows itself to be influenced and if so, then is that now also our own liberty to do so or not to do so? You see the moment we look around us, our mind picks up things incessantly, every second, in every moment, in every emotion, in every state, sickness, wellness, health and illness, it constantly adds up in the brain, like a magnet attracting metallic objects to it.

When we add all of these things up, that of the past and the present, it makes up our choice of liberty and the extent of its significance to us. You see it is easy to say that we all have the freedom of thought, but then if our thought processes are controlled by extrinsic factors, is that then liberty, or just authoritative manipulation? But then we also say we have the freedom of speech, but if your freedom of speech does not reach its aim due to a filter of censorship then is that freedom to your speech? Then we also say that we have freedom of action, but if our actions are incessantly controlled be it by the patriarchy, hierarchy or the law, is that liberty?

However, if we say that the liberty we have to do XYZ thing is not a liberty since there are others who benefit from it via their vested interests then is that our freedom over that which we do? Or is it a commodity that is being valued upon by others? If I go up to my parents and say that this is what I want to do but I am rejected the right to do it then that doesn’t mean I have liberty and liberty in one thing is not liberty over all.

I say that when I go to a grocery store and buy miscellaneous products, is it my freedom to buy them or the ingrained thought process in my mind by the incessant advertisements that I see all around me which allows the authorities to influence my brain to think in a certain way and then buy those products which I now think are a necessity and not a luxury. But then if we look at the opposite side of the spectrum, it can also be strongly said that we also have the liberty to control our thought processes and let only that influence us which we allow our brain to. However there is a fine line that remains between initial/individual self-consciousness and the extrinsic consciousness.

You see it is difficult to have a single verdict, since there are variant constituents and factors to take into consideration, however if I base this verdict on my own personal opinion I would say we have liberty as far as we want to have it. If I want to buy something I will buy it proving to my own will that this is what it wants or if I really want my freedom in all factors, it is my brain which I will strengthen to remain steadfast over that which I command and not to deter in way of all the surrounding attractions or more like distractions. I have liberty in as much as I can do at a given moment, time and space for nothing is beyond bounds as there isn’t much of something that you can stretch and it won’t reach its limit.

You see the following theory is what I base my verdict upon. It is all in the head. If you place an ant inside a circle drawn around it, it won’t cross the boundary because it is conscious of the boundary, a thin line separating one void from the other, thus it will feel like it has an obligation to stay within the lines however the moment the circle is removed and the lines vanish, it is free to move. Thus I believe that this is how the human brain processes as well, as soon as certain lines and limits are in prominence around us we feel as if we have the obligation to remain in bounds and that resistance would have to be offered to break them however the moment we become forgetful and inconspicuous of any boundaries surrounding us, we go all out. However there is then again a very fine line that separates a reality from the far fetched human imagination, a very fine line, small enough to be mistaken for and wide enough to be existential.

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