As you stand in the mirror and stare at a reflection once known better as a human being, but now merely an image, unknown and unsure. You barely see a few streams down your cheek but as you glare straight through the transparency, you know that there are oceans of words unsaid, myriad of sentiments disregarded and so many thoughts being victimized and held intact by this cover of sanity and make-believe. You continue to stare into the cornea of your eyes as if you are drowning in this unfathomable ravine of pain and though you want to look down and close your eyes as if your presence is a disgrace but you cannot continue to keep running and closing your eyes to the reality and the practicality of it all. But then again, the verdict lies in the fact that where does the line begin and where does it end, or even if there is a line at all.


You see, we as humans at times can seem so unpredictable. From being happy at one time and then suddenly being reminded of something traumatic, it all happens in a flurry of time. Time which we know is valuable but regardless there are moments when our sentiments and our blind compassion takes the best of us.

You see, success is a very relative term, like many things in this world which are relative to one another. At this very moment I can give you innumerable examples of what success can be to endless human souls, whether they are in the pits of darkness or enjoying the luxuries of life since another complication lies in the fact that we humans always think that others are better off than us. This exact sentiment is what makes us sympathetic instead of empathetic because we think that our misfortune is the most significant whereas the truth is that there is no bigger or lesser misfortune, it is the human soul which makes the misfortune big or small and it is the human sentiment as a basis which holds significance and not its simplicity or complication.

For instance, success to a beggar in Afghanistan might be to eat one meal in a day, to someone in Hong Kong it might be to gain freedom, to someone in Palestine it might be to live in their once warm homes that are now no more than rubble, to someone in Kashmir it might be to listen the voice of a loved one, to someone in the royal family it might be the succession of the throne, to someone in a village it might be to see the city lights, to someone in their apartment sitting beside the window it might be to be able to pay next month’s rent, to someone on a death bed it might be to gain health, to a teenager it might be standing up to his/her bullies and so on. Thus even though success is relative, its ideology remains intact and unchanged, it is but a sentiment of achievement and victory. However where do we draw the line, or should there be a line?

Success is like this whirlpool of hate and love that will lure you in its grasp and make everything else seem unimportant whether that success is positive or negative, it grasps your entire focus and energy towards something that you can imagine but not see as it is concealed by the pages of destiny and fate and though all is good and well in altering destiny, many times things get out of hand. In this fast-paced world, anyone, at any time can get swooped up in varying worldly things which can make them so singular-minded that there comes a point when sanity and insanity does not differ.

You see success is not meant to be this villain who makes us disintegrate from life and its blessings, it is supposed to be a blessing bestowed itself, however at times it can captivate the human mind to such an extent that there remains no distinct difference between passion and inhumanity. And though this is not entirely an individual’s fault because the human conscience is flawed however it does depend on personal discipline, what you choose and what you don’t, what you gain and what you lose.

Success is important but I also know that it is not more important than the well being of a human soul, body and health. You see, I have learnt that priorities are very important in life and if you do not set the right ones in gear, the balance can easily tip off and create further problems.

Yes, the human compassion and ambition is so strong that it can fuel the spirit incessantly but there is a fair line between passion and idiocy, sanity and insanity. After all, every human sentiment can be the basis of immense good and immense misfortune.


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