“Warriors of Light” by Imaan Siddiq

Warriors of Light

To persist in you madness,

And remain an entity.

A singularity.

Regardless of the storm, the chaos and the commotion.


To smile through the tears,

An epitome of fear and sadness.

To feel numb in the noise,

But persevere in the silence.


To look fear in the eyes,

And feel the roof caving in,

But to remain steadfast.

After all, every flag flutters in the wind.


To stand in the mirror,

And feel a sense of guilt in your existence.

But to walk over the shattered glass,

And remain indifferent to the pain.


To see darkness in the light,

But to remain indifferent to its presence,

And to only see the prominence of light.

After all, every candle flickers in its stead.


To apprehend your fate in your sub consciousness,

But persist in the alteration of destiny,

And believe in a change meant to be.

After all, nothing is impossible to attain.


To look into your heart and soul,

And find but a utopia of demons.

But to persist along the lines of virtue,

And transform hell into heaven.


These are not exceptions,

Nor are they imaginations.

They are warriors on a finite battleground,

With their will as weapons.

They are around us and inside us.

We constitute them and they constitute us.

We are art and its miracles,

In fact,

We are the lives of those that couldn’t live.

– Imaan Siddiq




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