Is Money the Problem, or the Solution?

The Backstory

So one evening I was peacefully walking on one of the floors of my neighborhood shopping mall, looking at various shops and what they were offering, seeing what people were doing here and there and just casually having a good time. There was nobody accompanying me and so I just entered a few shops, looked at some of its products and if I found something under my price range and something that I felt like i wanted, I would be up for buying it.

However I knew I was on a budget and there was not really something that I urgently required so I did not really buy a lot. I bought a book that I really wanted and a few other necessities. During this casual stroll on a weekend night in a shopping mall, this thought bounced in my head as I thought for content on my blog, “Is Money the Solution, or the Problem?”

Now there is a little backstory to why I thought of this question. While walking around, contemplating about various subjects and seeing how different people around me were behaving and being intrigued and contented by their happiness and actions, I looked at different products at different shops and even though I liked a few of them, they were out of my price range. At that time, the ideas of price points and ranges suddenly hobbled in my head and I started contemplating around this topic.

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I was content at buying whatever I had and at the freedom that I had regarding retail and buying and I knew this was all because of the money I had in my pocket but then at times I would feel disappointed when I would look at a product that I liked but I would not be able to afford it. And at that time I apprehended that I am not the only person that feels this way and that many people in this shopping mall might feel in a similar way. So here the question arose, that whether the money I had was solving my problems or creating more. As I struggled on the pros and cons of this question, I started to think more critically on different global levels.

Now in no way am I an expert in finance, business or monetary subjects or even global issues but I am an individual with my own perspective and my own analysis. When I thought of this question just in my head, both the sides seemed pretty balanced out. Like I thought that money itself was the problem but it was also solving my problems. However when I wrote some rough notes about it, I felt as if it was contributing more to solutions but then again the problems also seemed legit.

So this is not a proper research study or some statistical information, this is just a little insight into monetary value and whether it is valuable or not.

Monetary Role in Solving Problems

Now globally, nationally, locally and personally, if we look and monetary benefits, they are on a widespread scale. Even numbering all of them down or considering their sub-categories is a lot of work. However I can still give you a little overview:

  1. It solves domestic/family-related/home-related problems. This may include the groceries, taxation, bills, clothing, gardening, construction, renovation, electrical appliances, etc.
  2. It fulfills the educational needs of an individual. This might include school fees, paying off student loans, books, stationery, resources for activities, etc.
  3. It helps in completing personal needs of an individual like insurance, clothing, transportation, residence, job, passions, family, travelling, socializing, etc. This in turn enables one individual to support another or many more.
  4.  It fulfills transportation issues through initiation of public transport, services, mechanics, gas, electricity, etc.
  5. It solves community issues like the construction of parks, gyms, community halls, roads, real estate, environmental protection, sewerage system, water and gas provisions, etc.
  6. It aids national needs of any nation. This includes states, districts, provinces, divisions, incentives, ministries, military, government, etc.
  7.  It fulfills international needs which includes ministries, organizations, global communication, travelling, businesses, military, etc.
  8. It aids in completing industrial needs like raw material, construction, labor, enterprise, power resources, marketing, retail, services, market exposure, etc.

Now the a fore mentioned points provide just an overview of somewhat the value of money in our lives and our surroundings.

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Monetary Role in Creating More Problems

Since everything has its pros and cons, so does monetary wealth. Considering the cons, they can either be the effects of having a lot of monetary wealth or could be not having a lot of monetary wealth. Either way here is a little overview:

  1. It contributes to mental health issues. Owning or disowning money, in either way, an individual can easily become a victim of depression, anxiety, stress, fear, suicide, etc. This also effects the individual’s creativity and productivity.
  2. This can lead to physical health issues in a person. This can also be connected via the mental health issues that a person might be facing and enduring.
  3. This contributes to domestic or family issues since individuals fight over money and has led to the destruction of many homes and families and relationships.
  4. On a local and communal level, it has increased feudal control with the help of wealth.
  5. On a national level, it has sparked political and provincial unrest which in one case might be due to unfair distribution of provincial funds and incentives. This may also be because of a rising wave of money-hungry individuals who make earning money their final goal and thus it can lead to reduced productivity and increased unemployment.
  6. International issues are also sometimes sparked with wars, military control, political rivalries and disagreements, war weaponry, biased opinions, smuggling, illegal acts, emigration, etc.

Then again, the above mentioned points are just a small overview or monetary related problems.

The Conclusion

It is difficult to come to a conclusion for this answer because as time and the world progresses, monetary value has become more and more inherent in everything. Every faction which at one point seemed to have no connection with monetary value, now has progressed and developed to aid it. And even though I am in no way against positive development in any faction, what I fear is increased control over us by something. We see that as any phenomenon progresses, its control over us increases, take for example the rise of social media.

It seems as if we are but just puppets in a show being controlled with monetary wealth simultaneously being aided and taught to control monetary wealth ourselves. We have millions of problems with and because of money but at the same time, money is also the one we see as the solution. It is as if we are in a bad relationship and we keep coming back to it. And surprisingly I have seen people who tend to further themselves away from this relationship and I am greatly impressed by them.

My verdict is simply this, anything that comes in front of you will have its pros and cons and regardless of you focusing on either, my concern is not to let it have absolute control over you. Know your own values and worth and don’t be a puppet in a show being played by the authorities and the ministries. Have your own worth and give life greater credit than being focused on monetary wealth.

“You must gain control over your money or the lack of it will forever control you.”

– Dave Ramsey

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