“Thunder: A Bad Omen” by Imaan Siddiq

So clear, so loud,

You make me deaf.

So bright and dark,

You make me blind.

Your electrocuted network of veins,

And daylight at night,

Your bright fluctuations,

That brings me on the edge,

Of a petrifying story in the middle of the night.

Your roaring, yelling and grumbling,

It makes me quiver.

The rattling window,

Makes me wonder,

If a murderer shall kill me tonight.


You’re not petrifying,

You bring light in the darkness,

Like hope in life.

You’re only sin is the bold entrance,

That makes my eyes widen in perplexity.

You give me flickering shadows of figures unknown,

I give you an audience for your internal growls.

And then comes the pouring rain,

And the freezing hail,

Pounding against the roof and the windows,

Like a million firecrackers going off at once,

Like the call of death at the end of the road.

I shall not be afraid of you,

For you sing my obscure rhapsody,

And your light shines as white,

As the sclera of my eye,

As white as my grandmother’s gown

At my grandfather’s death.

As white as the flash of light right before you die.


You’re as dark,

As the ink I write with,

As dark as the knife I clutch,

As dark as the retina of my eye,

And as charred as my burnt memories.

However you smell exquisite,

As sweet as the black rose I pricked myself with.

And you sound similar,

In fact as similar as the demons inside me,

And the infinite noise around me.

I stand at the other side of your void,

And I can touch the freezing element you shower,

And as I stand there in pitch darkness,

I glare at you,

When I apprehend,

That you’re knocking on my door.


IMG_7674 (2)

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