“Dear Wind,” by Imaan Siddiq

You cup me up and take me to elevated heights,

You wipe my tears with your ghastly hands,

You transport my spirit to places unknown,

Oh Dear Wind,

You carry in your bosom,

Sounds oblivious to my ears.

Sights imperceptible to my vision,

And smells that invigorate my body.

From narrow streets to wide rivers,

From boundless meadows to valleys of unfathomable depth,

From desolate lands to bustling cities.

You come over yonder distances,

From bruised hearts and empty palms,

To greater futures and a better present.

Oh Dear Wind,

You carve your way through endless paths,

You bring the blessings to my palms,

You strengthen my body and elevate my spirit.

You come as a breeze but leave with a storm.

You take the words on the edge of my lips,

Take them over azure skies,

To someone who is willing to listen to a fading voice,

To someone who’s heart is as open as the emerald meadow,

You give my voice to those who don’t have one,

And you say the words that couldn’t make it out of my mouth.

Oh Dear Wind,

What do you bring with you?

Is it good news or a bad omen?

Is it an anonymous starting or a heartfelt ending?

Is it a secret too obvious or a voice silenced?

Is it a forbidden scream or an escaped yell?

Is it unrequited love or the death of someone loved?

Oh Dear Wind,

I hear your Ode, loud and clear

Banging incessantly in my ears.

I hear the end is near,

And I am unprepared.

However Death shall come to all

But you state that it’s not Death that seeks me,

It is the inevitable, endless revenge

That life has sought against me.

You say it is near but I cannot hear.

For all I see is another bad omen.

But Oh Dear Wind,

What is it that you carry?

Over yonder distances and azure skies,

So secretly in your bosom,

Is it good news or a bad omen?

– Imaan Siddiq






6 thoughts on ““Dear Wind,” by Imaan Siddiq

    1. Thank you for your appreciation! 🙂
      The last para is where I have symbolized wind as fate or destiny trying to create this sense of mystery. This is because often we stand by ourselves and gusts of wind pass us by thus we can’t help but wonder whether the wind brings good news or a bad omen because there are some winds that make you feel elevated and then there are some which are the beginning of a storm.

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