“A Life Given” by Imaan Siddiq

We all live a life of grief,

But there are a few who win the race.

All the colors, the jewels, and the crescent moons,

We are the ones, who let them shine,

Not with their light but with our darkness.

We let people talk,

Just so we can listen.

To all the nonsense they declare,

To all the lies they so perfectly hide in betrayal.

We keep our mouths shut

Just so they can talk.

Talk about bullies, fame, and wealth.

We continue to stay silent

In a world that can’t stop talking.

We run in the woods,

Just so they can call us crazy.

We cry at night,

Just so they can call us lonely.

We stay awake all night,

Just to let them sleep.

Still we’re hypocrites and victims.

We give and give,

Until we rest in peace.

Still they’re not satisfied

With the life we so carelessly sacrificed.

They say our sins,

They say our illusions.

Still we continue to live.

But do fear, betrayal, and malice

Make a part of life?

We don’t yet know,

And we never will.

But we continue to breathe,

With a sunken heart

And a brain perfectly lost.

We continue to grin and love, and laugh, and give,

Until our angels descend,

And make us wish.

– Imaan Siddiq



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