“The Specters of Time” by Imaan Siddiq

On that Holy day of no date,

Three Specters met on the Land of Arcady.

Two in irony and one invisible.

However none of them were who they claimed to be.


Their sum was anonymous,

For they were missing their third share.

Nonetheless, irony does not wait for sarcasm.

And so who could halt the feud,

Between Life and Death.


And Life declared upon its sacred bosom,

‘No one likes me, I am meaningless;

For even the fathers of philosophy,

Couldn’t satisfy me.

O, bless me fair Death,

For I have lost my colours.

I am the colour unseen in the Spectrum of Time,

For I am the Life you couldn’t live.’


Being hysterical,

Death rejoined,

‘Beguile me, O’ feverish Life,

For I am oblivion, oblivious of my own void.

You breathe and dwell on the common of mortality,

I secrete and inter in the Land of Shadows.

I dominate your nature,

And bring an end to your meaning,

For I am Death, to your mortality.’


And as time peeped in,

Life and Death raged on,

When the gusts of the invisible wind,

Knocked on their door.

Their third share had arrived,

And the equation was complete.

But what exactly was their third share?



It was the remedy for Life and Death,

For mortality and existence,

Its name was Beauty.

And since Beauty was invisible,

Why did it exist?


 Beauty murmured,

‘O, sacred monuments of Time,

There’s no need for you to rage on.

I am Beauty and I am everywhere,

In the eyes of the meaningless,

In the souls of the heartless,

I am there.

I am interred in the Land of Shadows,

I am invisible for I am everywhere.

I am the Spectre without identity,

For I am Beauty,

I define you,

I define Life and Death,

And I define the Specters of Time.’

– Imaan Siddiq




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