“Monsters” by Imaan Siddiq

We saw them once,

Standing on the dark staircase.

We were petrified

Yet we could still run and retell.

Why were they so scary?

Monsters they were only,

Solitary and non-existent maybe,

Dead they were, just like our souls now

New we were always,

But how ancient we felt.

We ran away from them.

However they were only shadows.

Unknowingly we had shadows too.

We couldn’t sleep,

Because they stared at us,

Not knowing they were looking over us.

Crazy we thought we were,

Inhumane we thought they were.

Unfortunately none of us,

Was what we claimed to be.

They were souls, long dead of the deceased.

Yet we were the breed of those that breathed.

They looked scary on the outside,

We were deadly on the inside.

They had lived,

Yet we were the ones who were living a buried life.

They weren’t imaginary,

And so aren’t we.

They could talk, and see, and hear

And so could we.

Yet we were the hypocrites of our own race.

Youth taught us how barbarous they were,

Yet adulthood taught us how trustworthy they are.

We used to look under our once warm beds,

Now we don’t.

For now they live inside of our heads.

They aren’t ordinary

Like most of us are.

They are a race of their own,

One that only a few can see.

Those that can see them,

Hear them and feel them,

Would never fit in.

Like a rose in a wall,

Walls are simple,

Yet roses are exquisite.

They said we were deaf, blind, inadequate and hopeless.

So we lost the world and its people,

And we went to see the underworld.

It was dark yet full of light.

It was quiet as desired.

It was red as blood.

However beauty dwelled on the tip of the branches

And in the roots in the undergrowth.

And we could see,

We could see them,

And so we hid them.

We could talk to them,

And so we listened to them.

They lived inside of us,

And so they prospered inside of us.

How beautiful they were,

So much better than mankind.

They could never fit in,

And now we won’t as well.

They were there and still are,

Lose yourself and see afar.

– Imaan Siddiq


asphalt dark dawn endless
Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

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