“Ascension” by Imaan Siddiq

I tear away the expectations,

Unanimously glued to me.

I rise from the Earth,

The clay and the hearth,

In which you carelessly buried me.

I rise above and beyond,

And break free from the shackles,

That bounded me from taking flight,

In the open blue skies.

I rise for once and for all,

I rise to see that which is beneath me,

And to look forward to that which is beyond me.

– Imaan Siddiq




6 thoughts on ““Ascension” by Imaan Siddiq

    1. Thank You! I believe that every bird that takes flight ascends to the blue skies with a weight hung on his shoulders but as soon as he is soaring high, that weight becomes negligible. ❤


  1. Freedom is soul
    Freedom is compulsory
    We cannot survive locked in our minds as well as in peoples mind…
    So the concept of freedom your poem is conveying indirectly is owsum..

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