The Art of Capturing Moments: Photography

There are moments in life that need to be captured for later reflection and memories. Moments that speak for themselves, they are worth capturing and reminiscing in the future. This is an art given the name of photography. I mean how phenomenal it is if we tend to think about how a little snippet of time can be captured nearly for forever by technology. Now even longer periods of time can be captured by the art of videography.

How routine does it get everyday to take pictures and we never even realize the action of angering time. Think about time as this flustered little Jerry the mouse, running away mischievously and how agitated it would get if we managed to catch it or even a glimpse of it in our technological storage because I think we all know that mice don’t like to get caught. Now enough with the mouse related similes but actually how big of an art photography is.

From the very beginning of time we all have seen how humans have left their existence and proof first in the form of shapes, then drawings and then writing, all of these mediums made us humans. However if we focus on the true meaning and use of photography we see that even though the medium used for the application of this art is man-made but the purpose it serves is more than just a human-based purpose. We are literally stopping and catching a glimpse of time, wherever and whenever according to our own liking. I mean anyone from the 15th Century hearing this would probably freak out.


Photography is an art of capturing a moment that means something different to you at that present moment but looking at it later, it gives you a chance of looking at things and moments differently than you generally would if you were present there. It is just like a canvas is for a painter, a camera and its lens is for a photographer, it is their canvas. They can capture, edit, reflect and represent it in millions of diverse ways. Photography now is not just capturing scenery or beauty or moments, it is also used now as a platform for representation of different ideas, creativity, fiction, fantasy, non-fiction, feelings, emotions, actions and life in general. It is just like a painting, captured instead of painted.

Photography: Definition, Origin and Brief History

Photography is a type of visual art which includes the action of capturing and processing photographs. The word photography is derived from the Greek word ‘photos’ which means ‘light’ and the word ‘graphe’ which means ‘drawing’. The term was first introduced or used by Hercules Florence who was a French painter and inventor, who used it in his diary to describe this process. He was the first person to use the word photography to explain the action of processing photos and ‘drawing the light’ which is the literal meaning of this word.

Hercules Florence worked to create and represent the visual sights of South America and to present his work to his people. Since the region he lived in lacked any printing presses thus he set out to create a way of processing and producing his photographs. He started working with the scientist Joaquim Correa de Mello as a friend and professional worker. Thus together they experimented many different techniques for processing photographs. He apprehended that some types of dyes were sensitive to light.

He then started experimenting with gold and silver. To darken the silver nitrate that he received from Dr. de Mello he used sunlight to produce images. He named the ways of processing his photographs as  ‘photographie’, which means “drawing with light.” Mr. Florence then discovered he was able to preserve and retouch the images by treating them with a solution of urine and ammonia. Thus his work and experimentation has contributed a fair deal to photography over the years.

Image result for hercules florence
Photo Credits: Wikipedia

“Photography takes an instant out of time, altering life by holding it still.”

– Dorothea Lange 

Types of Photography with Examples

Here are few major types of photography with examples:

(The examples are either from other people’s photography in which case their pictures have been creditted. If not creditted then I have used my own photography.)

(Props to mediacollege for help in my research)

  • Aerial Photography

This is photography done from any airborne device like drones, or in a helicopter or an airplane.

top view of houses
Photo by Ivan Gale on
  • Travel Photography

It includes adventure/action photography or photography depicting travelling.

photo of person walking on deserted island
Photo by Tom Swinnen on
  • Animal Photography

The photography of animals, either wild animals or pets.


  • Urban/Industrial Photography

Photography of urban areas or cultures and the photography of industries either to promote their products which is commercial photography. This also includes the photography of architectural buildings and/or estates.

low angle photo of buildings
Photo by Ricardo Esquivel on
  • Artistic Photography

It is a type of photography that depicts a certain idea, creativity, feeling, emotion or a cause indirectly.

afterglow backlit bokeh dark
Photo by luizclas on
  • Astrophotography

It is a type of photography that aims at capturing stars, astronomical objects or events, usually the night sky.

photo of night sky with stars
Photo by Bryan Schneider on
  • Kirlian Photography

This is also known as aura photography which basically aims at showing that all objects are energy omitting objects and how the energy patterns of objects differ and the variations in their energy flow.

Image result for kirlian photography
Picture Credits: SURU
  • Digiscoping

Digiscoping is a type of photography that is done using a telescope or binoculars.

Related image
Digiscoping Photography                           Photo Credits: Digital Nature Photography
Image result for digiscoping
The Type of Camera Used  Photo Credits: Wikipedia
  • Event Photography

It includes photography of a certain event like weddings, birthdays, parties, dinners, concerts, etc.

beach beach wedding chairs clouds
Photo by Ibrahim Asad on
  • Infrared Photography

It is photography done by using a film or image sensors that are sensitive to infrared light.

dream filter infrared surreal
Photo by SplitShire on
  • Macro Photography

The photography of objects very close or close-up.


  • Nature/Landscape Photography

It refers to photography usually done of scenic landscapes or nature. This also includes vegetation like plants, trees or woods and forests.



  • Night Photography

This is photography done at night of maybe an urban city or even the night sky.

architecture background buildings business
Photo by on
  • Time-lapse Photography

This type of photography usually illustrates an area showing an activity done over a long period of time.

time lapse photo of roadway during evening
Photo by Su01a1n Bu1eddm on
  • Panoramic Photography

This is photography showing a wide angle of an area. Sometimes extending up to 360° as well which is known as a panorama.

architecture building buildings city
Photo by Amar Saleem on
  • Pinhole Photography

Photography done using the simplest type of camera, a box with one small hole known as a pinhole which allows light to enter.

Related image
Photo Credits:
  • Sports Photography

Photography that represents a certain sport or an athlete doing that sport. It could be any type of sport: water, underwater, winter sports, mountain or rock climbing, etc.

athletes running on track and field oval in grayscale photography
Photo by Pixabay on
  • Ultraviolet Photography

Photography in which film or light sensors used are sensitive to ultraviolet light.

Image result for ultraviolet photography
Photo Credits:
  • Photography of People

It is photography that captures people either in groups, portraits, babies or even models. Thus modeling is included in this form of photography.



Photography is the art of capturing scenes and moments that are far in the past now but they illustrate and reflect back that which has passed. It as an art as pure as any feeling, emotion or belief. 

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