The Essence of Virtue and Vice

Morality and immorality are two forces that completely oppose each other in this marathon in life. It greatly determines who we are or who we ought to be. These two words, Virtue and Vice determine almost the entire life of an individual and its surroundings. These words create a difference, a boundary in the mind of every human of what he can do and what he is not supposed to do, a contrast between good and evil.

However we as humans of the 21st Century need to understand that the essence of virtue and vice differs from individual to individual thus we can’t paint an entire race of humanity with the same color. We all know that actions speak louder than words and our actions do determine our personality to an extent, but there is always a side of ourselves that is obvious and one that is hidden. Thus we can’t determine the entire individual by what is obvious without regarding the hidden.

The essence of virtue and vice exist just like the concept of angels and devils, a constant war between the good and evil. Wherever we look and tread we see this combat of morality and iniquity that exists naturally corresponding with the existence of life and humanity. From movies to books and to real life there is always the hero and the villain, the protagonist and the antagonist, one who is deemed right and the other wrong. However we also tend to forget that each side of good and evil has their own reasons and essence but each one of them make up an individual.

You see one of the things that differs from person to person is their own essence of good and evil. We all have an idea or a boundary that tells us what is right and what is wrong. Whether this essence roots from religion, tradition, culture, ethics, perspectives or beliefs this essence is the foundation of each individual that makes up humanity and its existence.

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To know what we can and cannot do is very important because it is this understanding that builds up our character. However one important aspect is to respect the variant essence of virtue and vice for every other individual as well. What might be considered righteous for one might be evil towards the other, vice versa. Thus it is important to respect others’ value judgement but still retain our own.

We need to apprehend and process that not everyone in the universe is going to have the similar essence of good and bad as we do because every individual is eccentric from the other. We ourselves decide our deeds and actions and the context in which we commit them. We all tend to think that the way we choose to follow is the ultimate way when we also tend to forget that not everyone is supposed to be like us in a world full of variance.

Regardless of the essence of virtue and vice the one essence that shall unite existence is humanity.

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