How Change Scares Us

Change is an inevitable phenomenon for if you are a living organism, one of the features of your existence is growth and when you grow you change whether the growth is physical, mental or internal, change is then again, inescapable. Change is that one quantity that can bring either good or bad, virtue or sin, light or darkness but the real roots of it lie deep inside you and it shall be your everlasting perception that shall conclude each one of your metamorphoses. What this means is that how you perceive change is up to you because the way you’ll see it is the way you’ll learn to live with it.

For an example this anonymous change unknowingly comes and knocks on your door. Now you open the door of life like you do for everyone that slams the door knocker. You see that nothing is there and you close the door. In the span of the next few days you start to see something that was never there before and now is the stage where your perception plays an important part in the process of mutation. Now whether you perceive the alteration in a positive or a negative way depends entirely on your personality and your mind’s understanding for there is no rule or regulation that says to accept it positively or negatively, it is pure insight.

Here are 2 ways in which change can be accepted:

  • Sometimes you accept change in a positive way and try to build yourself on it but remember to be careful about what change you’re accepting. What if the change you’re trying to accept is harmful for yourself and for those around you, then accepting this kind of change might get you in trouble.
  • Other times you accept change in a negative way thus you’re whole life becomes a package full of regrets and disappointments. However what if the change that you’re rejecting is one that might give you a chance for a better future and bring you tonnes of joy and ecstasies.

The result of the two ways is that it is all up to YOU. You have been given the choice to contemplate and choose what brings you ecstasy and what brings you melancholy. It is completely up to each and every individual to choose for themself which change is beneficial and which is detrimental. However do choose wisely for when you first decide on one thing the decision is usually embedded in the fibres of your brain.

choices decision doors doorway
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If I must say, life is like a hallway that you yourself choose to walk in and numerous doors walk beside you and no matter how long you try to divert the horror of choosing one of them, that day does come where you have to choose one of them. In choosing one door, you open it and enter another hallway a bit different from the previous one. Now it is your choice whether you accept or deny the change but soon again you’ll have to choose another door. But don’t over think about which door to choose and which not to because even if you choose the wrong one accidentally the world won’t end for you try out things in life and not all of them work the way you expect them to thus from your mistakes the only thing you should take are lessons.

“The secret of change is to focus all of your energy, not on fighting the old, but on building the new.”

– Socrates

Through the course of your life you encounter a lot of changes. You physically change, you mentally change, you internally change and you externally change. Sometimes change comes itself and at others it is brought deliberately but whichever way it might be the importance of change doesn’t alter. There are people who think of change in a positive way for them to get a new opportunity to explore a side of them that they’ve not witnessed yet. However there are also those who are clearly petrified of change and there is nothing wrong in that for I am also of the same kind.

Being frightened of change can be the reason of numerous variables among them being that either you’re so happy with the way things presently are that you don’t ever want them to change and at other times you’re just really scared about losing yourself in the unknown change. Whatever reason it might be, being scared of something before it actually arrives is somewhat unreasonable. Let’s suppose that you are being delivered a surprise mystery parcel that you know nothing about. Now being scared of it is unreasonable because you don’t know what’s inside, it could be something good or bad but you don’t know about it just yet so why waste some precious minutes thinking about something that will come when it is supposed to come.

Now I will discuss about 2 ways in which change comes:

  1. First, change might come on its own accord meaning that it will arrive on its own. In this case you can’t actually do anything about it. For example in a student’s course of education, he/she moves from elementary school to high school and then to college. Thus if a student is scared from the next stage of education in his/her life, there is nothing he/she can do about it except to accept it as it comes and make his/her path through it.
  2. The second way of the arrival of change is deliberately meaning that the individual deliberately brings change upon himself or his circumstances. Now there is nothing wrong about deliberately changing yourself and it is often done in a fruitful way with a positive vibe. Most people deliberately change themselves for the better or because they want to be better than who they presently are and it is completely fine as long as there is a valid reason behind it. For example if a pessimist wants to change and follow the road of hope rather than despair all his life.

Change should not be feared. For example, it is written in the caterpillars’ life to metamorphose into a butterfly one holy day. Now if all the caterpillars would weep about being a butterfly they’d better be stupid or what. See they can’t run from this change, they have to metamorphose into a butterfly thus they have sought acceptance in this change rather than unease.Regardless, whichever way or form it must be in, change should be discerned by our own selves.

Everything through the course of time and existential variables changes and alters in their own matter and in due time. The one conclusion that humans can reach is that existentialism is the root of every tree and flower that shall blossom in the garden of life.   

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