Failing Is Not A Sin.

There are days that you don’t feel competent, days that you feel inadequate and run down. The river of oblivion is freed and so it runs throughout your body and you feel like an outsider in your own skin. The black horse gallops freely on the plain of your mind, wreaking havoc wherever it treads and every forbidding thought ever thought of in imagination is added to your consciousness. Your heart feels as if a whole squadron is at war and your mind feels like a world to carry on your shoulders. Your eyes lose their shine and your dried waterline once again fills with salty water like a stream in a desert. Each breath you take feels like weights you lift in the gym and even your eyelids feel heavy and you apprehend you can’t see anymore so you lower your eyes and a tear slides down your parched cheek and soon you realize that it’s pouring. You look up to the ceiling as if searching for God and then the words come like footsteps on aged wood and all that is left is the echo, “I Have Failed.”

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Failure is natural. When we opt for victory we often forget the thought of failure so when we fail our whole world crumples like a burnt letter that you didn’t have the courage to send. When we think about rising up we also forget the thought about falling down so when we actually fall, our world is shattered with a sledgehammer. When we think about the sky we forget the ground. This means forgetting is not a chance to be taken.

That is why remember, failure will come naturally if you are aiming for success. Now you might not want it to come at a certain time or in a specific situation but beware that it will come regardless. The only thing we can do apart from working hard towards success is to prepare for the catastrophe that failure will bring because when you’re prepared for the worst, you know when to strike and when to lie low. Similarly when we think and act positively we forget that negativity will knock on the door sooner or later and so we forget to prepare for it. Then again if you’re doing something good you forget that there might be something bad about it as well, not to you but to someone else.

Failure comes to EVERYONE. Everyone, whether wealthy or poor, hopeful or grim, aged or young, everyone fails in their life, some people fail less and some people fail more but regardless we all fail. Failure like I said is inevitable and you never know when it might come but when it comes you won’t be in a circumstance where you can turn around so that means that the only way to move forward is to accept that you have failed but you will still try again. There are days that you look at people succeeding and there is this envy inside you that what am I doing with my life instead but this question should not depress you but should give you the courage that you need to do more.

Succeeding is not the enemy of failure, acceptance is the enemy of failure. Many people think that if we succeed we’ll beat failure. I am sorry that is not the exact thing. You see succession and failure are like cats and dogs, always running behind each other. Even if we succeed after a specific failure, failure can come again and again in succession so you see always succeeding is not the option but the ability of accepting and moving forward is one that is hard to master but beneficial when mastered. This means when you have the ability to accept your failures and then move forward to success or your dreams then you’ll have the ability to accept and move on every time failure shows up at your door.

Don’t be scared of failure. Failure is not be frightened of, it should be prepared for. Being scared of failure happens to everyone but you’ve got to realize that being afraid of something is not going to change anything but only add to the anxiety. Instead being prepared and making yourself strong enough to face failure provides benefits. For example, failure wants to scare you and if you give him the reaction he wants, he’s going to take over you but if you prepare for his arrival and make yourself strong then he’s going to get a punch in the face.

Failing is OKAY. Failing as I said is not a sin, it is not something forbidden in your path to success. Failing is okay. It is completely fine to fail once in a while because when you’re going to fail, the success you’re yearning for will seem all the more worthy and promising to yearn for. It is okay to fail and to give up but that’s the thing, your failure and you giving up should only motivate you to move forward.

There are days I wake up and feel incompetent, we all do. There are days I wake up and feel hopeless, we all do. There are days I wake up and feel like accomplishing nothing, we all do. But there are days I wake up and feel like I can conquer anything, we all do. There are days I wake up and feel like I can beat my demons, we all do. The only answer that remains is to persevere through the good and the bad.







2 thoughts on “Failing Is Not A Sin.

  1. So many mind-pictures! If we are smart, we will also learn from our lessons of failure… hence GROWTH and THIS is the trophy to prove your battles.

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