The Importance of Travelling

Travelling is like a whirlpool of adventures and experiences that you go through to reach a place that you think is worth it. I mean I can imagine that there is no person in the world who would not want to travel regardless of all circumstances. We all want to take a break out of our tiring, tedious schedule and explore nature and the environment. Travelling is more than just sitting and seeing, it is feeling and experiencing. No matter what you do and where you live, travelling is mandatory. For example, the whole year you stay on your toes and you give it your all but at least for 7 days in 365 days, you can lay down and relax, do what you want to and see the places that you yearn to see.

Travelling is that one word that contains a lot of other words, sentiments and situations that you cannot escape from. Regardless of all that, travelling only requires one major thing, the courage to step out of the comfort zone and into the wild unknown as Paulo Coelho said, “Travelling is not a matter of money, it is a matter of courage.” The inspiration to be ready for an adventure that you are unfamiliar with. The whole year you spend your life covered with comfort, ease and work, to get out of that and see for yourself how billions around you exist, how the cycle of nature and existence turns and to see where you stand.

Travelling is more of a self-apprehension than days of comfort. Even though everyone has their own definition of travelling, some people might consider relaxing, fancy resorts or expensive dinners and stuff like that as travelling and staying in five-star hotels but on the other hand there are also people who consider hiking, trekking, rock climbing, mountain climbing, camping and doing physical activities as travelling, for everyone has their own way or form of travelling. Some people travel on foot, car, airplane, trains, buses, ships, etc. Whatever you do or however you travel you should feel good about yourself and excited about your surroundings. Regardless of these two categories, I fall in the second category.

I like to have an adventure while I am not at home. To explore the wilderness and the wild unknown around me, a chance that I don’t get everyday. To make use and rely on my own body for my necessities and for everyday chores. To open and refresh my mind and to see the beauty I take for granted and not spend my time inside four walls. Whenever I travel I like to be natural, far away from masking my true self and being someone else or being like what people expect from me. I like to be me. Now apart from my experience on travelling, let’s get to the facts first and its importance based on my own personal experience.

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What is Travelling?

The word ‘travel’ means to move between two or more destinations or geographical locations. Travelling can be by ground, by air and by water. You can also travel via cars, automobiles, bikes, airplanes, jets, buses, trains, ships, boats, yachts, etc.

According to my definition there are two different categories of travelling that I have mentioned in the beginning:

  1. Travelling for comfort, staying it expensive hotel rooms and trying to relax with intense care and ease.
  2. Travelling for adventure, hiking, trekking, camping, rock climbing, looking for physical adventure and trying to be natural and tough.

However you travel or whatever way you feel comfortable while travelling that is up to you and everyone has the liberty to choose their own category. Regardless of the category, travelling still has its own importance and necessity in daily life. As long as you are leaving your own house or apartment or wherever you currently live and going to a place you’ve never been before or you want to see it again, that is travelling.

“Travelling – It leaves you speechless, then turns you into a storyteller.”

– Ibn Battuta

Why Travelling is Important?

Here are a few tenets that shows the importance and benefits of travelling:

  1. Travelling provides one with a break or a time-off from daily life, work, everyday chores, schedules and routines. This eventually relaxes the individual and gives him time to refresh his mind and body and come back stronger.
  2. Travelling gives the individual ample time to think and contemplate about the path he is walking on and think whether what he or she is actually doing what they want to do. It is an opportunity to reflect upon one’s own personality and character.
  3. By travelling you learn to get out of your comfort zone.
  4. It allows you to adapt to many changes that occur around you while you are in the process of travelling. As things happen and situations occur you learn to adapt to them as they appear.
  5. When you travel and move from one place to another you gain experience about the phenomenon of travelling itself and learn about places, people, the economy and the technology of different places you go.
  6. You learn to go through the good and bad that life brings you because not every journey is perfect. When you learn to go through the good and bad you learn to be patient and receptive towards everything that life brings in front of you.
  7. While you travel you go to different places and you get to learn about different cultures, traditions, religions, places, perspectives and get to eat different kinds of food. You get to try out new things and get to meet different types of people each with their own unique character and personality and story and you form your own story.
  8. If you happen to be travelling with other people, be it friends or family, you get to learn more about those people because these are the people with which you face the good and bad of your travel so you get to learn more about them than they seem to tell. There is also a quote that says, ‘To know someone, the best way is to travel with them.’
  9. While travelling you don’t always get what you want and so you learn to compromise with what you already have or what you’ve been given.
  10. You become patient because you learn that everything doesn’t go according to plan. When you also don’t get what you want, when you want it during travel, you learn to be patient about it.
  11. Travelling for me personally is a good way to find your true self and find who you truly are. “Sometimes you need to travel far to find what is near.” – Paulo Coelho
  12.  By travelling you get to know more people and you build contacts and connections with a variety of people and you end up making a ton of friends and you also learn to become more social.
  13. While travelling your stamina and physical health increases and becomes better but at the same time it is also put to a test.
  14. Your emotional strength also increases due to the challenges and situations you face while travelling.
  15. You learn to be grateful for what you already have and for the blessings you’ve been given.
  16. You see and learn to see the beauty around you and appreciate it.
  17. When you travel you realize that you are so small and makes you modest and selfless. “Travelling makes one modest. You see what a tiny place you occupy in the world.” – Gustav Flaubert
  18. You learn to apply your education, knowledge and whatever you’ve learnt in everyday situations and various unknown circumstances.
  19. The best thing is that you learn.

Regardless of any benefits or tenets mentioned, travelling should only be done because you love it.

“Oh, the places you’ll go.”

– Dr. Seuss


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