The Importance of Arts, Linguistics and Literature in Education

Regardless of what we tend to choose in life as our career or our passion, our ambition is decided all along our educational journey by many different factors. Whatever diverse interests we see or observe as children we adopt each and every detail of it and try it out for our self and if we like it and it sets our soul on fire, we tend to make it our passion and then our passion sometimes becomes our profession. However there are millions of people who have divergent ambitions but they don’t end up pursuing them professionally due to many different factors, either because of peer pressure, grades, career importance, parents’ pressure, expectations, future planning, monetary worth, etc.

Whatever it might be, our schools do tend to categorize and list things and subjects as important and unimportant which is wrong for a school to do because the faculty and the administration fails to apprehend that a school isn’t a place where students of similar interests and ambitions come and study. It is an institution constituting of divergent children with different interests, passions, ambitions, dreams, goals, skills and expertise. Not every child is going to like a certain thing, a certain subject, a certain skill or a certain category of knowledge. Every child like every other human being, has different aims and goals to achieve but a school sometimes fails to apprehend that and kind of herds students to a certain subject or category of importance.

However, rather than talking generally about this, in this blog I will be mainly focusing on the lack of attention and importance given to arts, linguistics and literature in school. Now I know this blog is public and every type and kind of personnel reads it but I will be mainly referring to schools I have studied in and generally about the educational facilities provided. Since I live in a third world country which is still in the means of developing, everything tends to be categorized into important and less important which can actually destroy a generation of creators because there are children whose ambitions categorize into important ones like medical, engineering, science, business, etc. However we tend to forget that there are also children who have ambitions that tend to categorize into other subjects like arts, linguistics, literature, writing, painting, theater, etc. And while we create more and more opportunities for the important categories we forget the ‘unimportant’ ones which are also equally mandatory.


Generally school systems tend to focus more on ‘practical and logistical’ subjects like mathematics, biology, chemistry, physics which is a positive thing but artistic, creative and productive subjects like art, linguistics and literature shouldn’t be left behind because these are subjects that give students the chance to form opinions and perceptions and to think out of the box. When each individual forms a perception based on their experiences and adaptations they are better able to communicate and stand up for what they believe in.

Arts, language and literature are mandatory subjects that shouldn’t just be extended till a classroom discussion or a homework assignment. Are subjects like science, chemistry and biology just extended till a homework assignment? No. If we can extend scientific subjects to labs then we can also extend arts to theater and sculpting and painting exhibitions. We can arrange field trips related to linguistics and different languages and support reading and literature. But we think that these subjects or categorizes are somehow less important than logic and facts because this is all impractical.

We think that a career in these subjects is unworthy and a waste of money because it doesn’t have any ‘scope’ in the practical world. I mean if you go to your parents and say that you want to become an engineer or a doctor they are going to support you with all their might versus if you ask them that I want to open up my own gallery or I want to write, they’ll probably not be content. See we have this perception that if you do this you’ll be more successful than if you do that you won’t be that successful. This actually destroys many people’s ambitions and aims to follow what they want to do and their chances are reduced so they decide to do something with which more people will be satisfied and their expectations will be fulfilled however in this act, they fail to pursue their own ambition.

 The Importance of Arts, Linguistics and Literature

  1. They improve creativity and productivity in the human brain and they make one artistic.
  2. These are skills that communicate without words. In fact these are skills that teach children to contemplate and analyse in-depth. These allow the children to think deeply.
  3.  These are creative skills that don’t bound children a lot and give them space to be themselves and create according to their own imagination and creativity and it also allows them to think outside the box.
  4. Linguistics is mandatory because it is in fact the way of communication generally and in most subjects. Language is what enables us to communicate.
  5. These subjects improve the children’s efficiency and allows them to come up with groundbreaking ideas and then work towards making them a reality.
  6. Reading in fact increases the knowledge of children making them liberal and knowledgeable about genres that interest them. If you want to know more about the benefits of reading here are some of my blogs about How Reading Changes Your Perspective and Starting Them Young.

In general I think we should support all types of subjects be it scientific or artistic and give children the opportunity to choose and make their own future, to give them enough space to be themselves whoever they might be or want to be. We say that our children and our youth is our future so why should we pressurize or stress them out. Let’s give everyone the creative space to be creative and productive.

“A linguistic system is a series of differences of sound combined with a series of differences of ideas.”

– Ferdinand de Saussure

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