The Importance of Acceptance in Human Existence

What are we as humans without humanity and acceptance. Human existence does lack many important tenets but that doesn’t mean that we can’t improve beliefs that form the foundation of existence with unity. The world and the human existence has been divided and categorized and classified into groups which is not the problem here. The problem is that we all lack acceptance. We can’t accept other people, other religions, other cultures, other traditions and diverse practices for what they are because we think as if we are the ones who are right and that others are wrong and they don’t deserve our acceptance.


How many times have each of us heard the statement that human existence has been scarred till the end of time and it shall not be in its ideal form ever because of ‘x’ number of reasons. One of the reasons why the world is still not able to apprehend the fact of divergence and difference is because we cannot accept those around us either they are inferior or superior from us. Fine, good is good and bad is bad but that doesn’t give us the right to judge because we don’t know the reason or the story behind it.

Acceptance is a universal need and without it the world and its people cannot live in harmony. You might think who am I to say this, I am a part of human existence like each one of us are and being a part of it, it is our right to speak up on problems that need a solution. There are times when we aren’t able to solve a problem or contribute in the solution but the least we can do is to spread awareness. By writing or stating this I don’t wish to gain nobility or holiness or whatever that is, all I want to create is awareness and talk about things that need attention. This is my experience  and I consider it worth sharing, this is my perspective and reading this is a part of your acceptance.

Acceptance comes in different forms and shapes and some are even shapeless. Either you are referring to the acceptance of religions, faiths, cultures, traditions, communities, perceptions, people or generally the things and phenomena you see around you. Either way acceptance is beneficial and  mandatory and the sooner each human brain processes that the better and easier it gets for humans to exist in harmony amongst each other on this planet.

Things We Need to Understand Before We Learn To Accept

I mean you turn on the television and then you see the news there is so much hate everywhere, not just between diverse communities but even between people and citizens of the same nation. We tend to see someone of a different religion, a different nation, a different gender or even a different household and we judge them as if someone pays us to do that. We all need to understand that people are different from each other and being different and diverse comes with no harm but we as people make it difficult for humans to be different.

Even though we all as humans are made of flesh and that makes us equal but as individuals we are different because our minds think diversely, our hearts feel diversely and most of all, our beliefs differ. Each one of us have our own colors that make us unique and we don’t need to change colors but rather accept them. There are certain things that need apprehension before we get to the stage of acceptance.

  • Every person differs in religion, culture, tradition, faith, gender, background, perspective, physical appearance, skills, personality and conscience.
  • Ever person has their own colors and they act, behave, talk and react according to their own conscience.
  • Every person has their own sense of good and bad, right and wrong, virtue and sin, morality and immorality, belief and disbelief, truth and untruth.
  • Every person looks at things differently and that is what forms their personality. Respect for perspective is another solution for many other problems.
  • Disrespecting or disregarding any one of the above mentioned occurrences can lead to intense conclusions. And so we as people should learn to accept and be accepted just like if you give respect you get it back. We say no one accepts us or we are beyond acceptance, only when we’ll learn to accept will we be accepted.

Now these were just a few tenets and norms that we have to understand before we learn the art of acceptance because you can’t wholly accept something until you process each and every detail and phenomena regarding it. Acceptance is such a beautiful feeling because after all is accepted there is no more fret to who we want to be or how we want to look in front of others.

I don’t think I need to explain a lot because each one of us has come across such problems and have realised it in due time, we have thought about it ourselves but the fear of divergence ails our right to speak. However don’t stress because I think each one of us has also created situations for others where we have lacked the power of acceptance and has put a community or a person in disdain but all errors are forgiven when they are accepted and apologised for. We all have judged here and there, time to time either because it is a part of our personality or because we are taking revenge for not being accepted ourselves. Whatever reason it may be, when we judge, stereotype, bully, categorize, disrespect and disregard, that is our fault and we need to apprehend it and then apologise for it and finally alter it.

“You  must be the change you wish to see in the world.”

– Mahatma Gandhi

The Importance of Acceptance

There has been so many times when we forget to appreciate and accept. Half of the problems that are, are because we cease to accept people around us, we constantly try to alter things and people around us according to our own taste and according to our own perspective. We need to understand that diverse perspectives do exist but we can’t change people according to our own needs, we need to adapt and understand people and circumstances.

We need to apprehend that everyone has their own beliefs and habits and they have them for a reason and we are no one to object or judge because if we judge we are just asking to be judged as well. If you still can’t grasp the importance of acceptance, think of it this way, you are a person of your own words and your own rules and you won’t like it if someone else judges you, even if you ignore them you do know that you don’t like it. You don’t want anyone else to create boundaries for you or to limit you, you don’t want people to dislike you and the only reason you choose to ignore is the fact that these things aren’t changing. The only way this will change is when we choose to accept, alter and then spread awareness regarding it.

Acceptance is just another way of saying ‘live and let live’. If we think about the cons of the lack of acceptance, think of the fact that hundreds of people around the world are unmotivated and their dreams are destroyed because fear is birthed into them by judging and when everyone around them disregards them they choose to stay quiet. The lack of acceptance leads to bigger disagreements between more serious communities who if united could actually make a big difference.

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However I do understand that we all have diverse personalities and characters and as individuals we all have our own habits that we adopt or are indoctrinated into us but regardless if we judge anyone at any time and we realize that we are lacking acceptance we need to consciously remind ourselves to not do that and to reason ourselves on why we would.

Of course we do have things or morals we like or dislike but let’s suppose there’s something you dislike, one way to not hurt others in that situation is to ignore that thing that you hate and don’t try to pay attention to it because this will only lead you to hurt someone who can do a lot.

Acceptance is not only the need of the world and the human existence but life itself asks for acceptance. We have to accept life and whatever it brings with it because only when you accept things, then you have the power to change them because you have accepted and apprehended each and every detail and diversity of the situation. Life asks to be accepted and appreciated and then altered if we aren’t happy with it.

In divergence we find beauty, in understanding we find humility and in acceptance we find existence.

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