The Joy in Melancholy

She says she hasn’t felt joy.

She says she hasn’t seen the truth.

She says she has missed it.

She says she doesn’t like blue skies.

She says there is more to melancholy.

She says she can’t laugh because it feels adopted.

She says it’s all too late.

She says her tears make her happy.

She says that she smiles so it doesn’t look grim.

She says she talks so that no one sees.

She says she works so that she isn’t useless.

She says she cries so she can hear.

She says she runs to see.

She says she’s wingless because she’s scared of heights.

She says she looks down because she’s blind.

She says she looks up because she needs help.

She says there is no hope because she is hopeless.

She says she lies because the truth is a lie.

She says it’s her because she doesn’t want to burden.

However, she says these are all excuses.

All of this is there because…….

She has seen the joy in melancholy.

And she doesn’t like it.

– Imaan Siddiq



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