Poetry: The Essence of Art

Poetry is like water. It flows everywhere, in fact it is as powerful as water. People might think that water is weak and powerless but they often forget that gushes of water move rocks and drops of water erode rocks. This is why I apprehend that poetry is like water, it seems powerless but it is powerful for it can melt the stiffest of hearts and liberate the darkest of souls. Art has a lot of essences and poetry is one of them. Poetry is the art that exists until man lives for man cannot live without it. We all as humans can be so much for we are characters of our own story but we are also stanzas of our own poem.


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Poetry like art can be so much. It can be the water that moves and softens, the flame that ignites and burns, the wind that escalates, the light that brightens, the dark that engulfs, the colours that reveal, the voice that comforts and the silence that deafen. Poetry is not only around us but it is inside us as well and as I’ve said before, it is just a matter of listening closely. Poetry is the art that doesn’t say a lot but says everything at the same time. Poetry to a poet is like music in the back of their minds.

The phenomenon of poetry is really astounding, the fact that it might seem to focus on one topic but it actually doesn’t because each and every word ends up representing all of life. If I have ever seen so much life, I’ve only seen it words. How immensely poetry moves you to a level so intricate and eccentric that your life is spent wondering where you stand.

Poetry is also like air, like wind, it helps you breathe but then it encases you like a blanket of warmth and raises you to the skies and the cosmos.

Poetry and Its Essence

Poetry is a genre of literature, a genre of art and a genre of life. It is a form of literary artwork due to its incomparable beauty and intensity of emotion. Literature, poetry and literary artwork are all a type of art. Poetry and good literary artwork can change the phenomenon of art and not just that, poetry can alter the system of thought and the strategy of the brain.

However people think that poetry is easy. Well nothing is easy. A lot of time, effort and emotion goes into words because poets and writers put their beauty in words and that makes words beautiful because I have learned that the most beautiful words are written by the truest of hearts and the purest of souls. Art is the one thing that you cannot lie about because art is so pure and raw that your lie is going to stand out boldly in your art. Poetry is that art that is around you as well but more than that it is inside you in fact I think each human being is a stanza that contributes to the poem of life just like rivers contribute to a sea. How about stanzas and poems contribute to the sea of words.

Honestly you can never go wrong with a good piece of poetry in fact poetry is something really prepossessing that it shouldn’t be categorised into good or bad. Now this is again my perception. I think that art and poetry are creative things and creativity works differently for everyone so something or some piece of art or literary artwork might seem minimal to you but it can be a whole void for the one who created it. If you are the critic or the observer, you’re going to critique that artwork according to your own perception and experience however regardless of your evaluation the artwork might mean a whole life to the artist and nothing changes that fact.

Evaluation and assessment of artwork be it visual or literary is immensely important but the observation should not let the artist down in fact it should encourage to create and amaze. Another important tenet, the one who creates is an artist be it a poet, a writer, a musician, a painter, a sculptor, a designer, a director or anyone who seeks to create. That is the reason poetry means a lot to me and perhaps to many people around the world because those who can feel words can write them too.

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Photo by Victor on Pexels.com

The words you write doesn’t necessarily have to be  published or widely read, but even if you want each of these things it is not wrong. What I mean to say is that everything is in your own hands, either you want to go public with your words or keep them safe on pages. Remember that there are words that need to be read and heard and they should be but then again there are words that should remain in the protection of a closed notebook.

For people who write, there are pieces of artwork that might not make it through the pages of their notebook or the walls of their mind because there are many ideas and words that die before they get to live. 

What Poetry Means to Me

Poetry is like life force to me. I read it and then I can’t get enough of it and I yearn for more and more of it. When I do feel like the words get too much and I can’t contain them, that is when I write. They say that you can only write when you have a lot to say and when there are too many words that you cannot say. Poetry has always left me with so much to contemplate about and question.

The reason why poetry means a lot to me is that I didn’t go to it, it came to me. There has always been such a big, empty hole that has always been filled by poetry. Poetry has never once left me empty or stranded instead it has taken me to lands I haven’t known and to places I haven’t seen. More than that it has always left me with a smile, a smile of revelation and realization like when you get an answer you’ve always been looking for. I’ve said this before that poetry is like water, it encases you and after all the turbulence you end up suspended between time and reality thinking where you belong, either in the hands of ignorant time or in the hands of cruel reality. It is a question we all contemplate about.

Poetry is a lot like a trip inside yourself because you can never really feel it until you know your flaws, your guilts, your sins and your regrets. When you know what you’ve done right and what you’ve done wrong, you know what you are looking for and what you have been doing wrong. Regardless, half of us are just looking for redemption which is a good way to choose and walk along. Then again, poetry forms a bridge of words between your heart, soul and mind, simultaneously connecting the three of them and forming a sturdy pact.

I started reading and writing poetry when I thought it was time. Believe me, you can only do something intensely and immensely once you actually want to do it with all your heart and soul. There was a time when I felt that I had read so much of poetry that I had to release those words in the form of poetry itself. Why poetry? I chose poetry because the one thing I love about it the most is that it says so much with so little. That is why poetry is beautiful to me because it felt as if I could say what I really mean in a few lines but then I realized that I’ve said it all, all that I needed to say.

I know that everything has a different importance in my life and a place but if there is something that alters every other thing, it is poetry, writing and reading. Poetry is such a milestone for me, the fact that I was never the same after reading and writing it. Poetry always showed me that there was something I could do or something I can surpass. More than that poetry has always said all that I had to say. It was the one thing that I could trust without questioning.

“Poetry comes from the highest happiness or the deepest sorrow.”

– A. P. J. Abdul Kalam

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