Art Metamorphosed the World

The world is a canvas created by the Creator and we were given the choice to create and be the art that colors the pages of existence. Art is the one phenomenon that altered the world forever and since its discovery the world has never been the same as before. However art was not discovered, it was just a matter of time to be realized and appreciated because  we as humans are art. We are the art created by the Creator. We look for beauty around us when we are beautiful inside our own selves because we are ALL either intricate or simple pieces of art.

art back view black and white dark
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Art is the realization of beauty, it is the acceptance of something that has always been there, something that has been rendered into us since the beginning of time. Art is what gives our body physical symmetry and provides  our soul the freedom of eccentricity. 

How Art Metamorphosed the World

Art is not just a representation, it is a language. A language that is spoken wordlessly around us and is heard with our soul and heart and not with our ears. Like every other language it has evolved since its beginning. It is a means of communication, a language of its own. It is a medium of conveyance, it conveys what is not often said and what is not often paid attention to. It is a pathway from the physical world to the void that exists as a spectre behind the covers of everyday life. It is a peek into the mind of the artiste.

Art brought color in this world. Ever think how dull and boring our lives would be without color, patterns, designs, words and languages. Without art all seems calculated and decided but art gives us the space to create according to our imagination or to put our own twist to things already made. Art provides beauty for our sight, something to make everything more prepossessing.

Art and its essence is in fact everywhere, from the clothes and accessories we wear, pictures and photographs we take to capture moments, the words and the language we use to express and communicate, the design and the pattern of things around us, how we decorate and ornament everything, the music we listen to and enjoy, the buildings and houses we construct for multiple uses, it is all art. In fact life itself is an art, the world was created and we were the life, the art that inhabited this planet and evolved and metamorphosed because art is something that none of us can deny. How can we deny art when we ourselves are the same phenomenon and everything surrounding us is nonetheless the same thing.

Art gave us a way to record things of utmost importance, it provided us with a medium that can record history, life changing events and phenomena, people who’ve altered history and those who’ve written it but most of all it records memories and the times that mankind has faced, it records beauty and conveys it to the future. It is a way for the artist or the creator of the art to be remembered for what they’ve created and the change they’ve brought in this world, it is the mark they’ve left and the regard they’ve obtained for being their purest selves.

Art in general gave us a warning to look closely in our surroundings, to explore, discover, create, contemplate, express, dream and achieve. It opened the bolted windows and vaults of our minds and showed our grim lives the beauty of life and the existence of humans in this universe. It gave us freedom and the free will to imagine and to go beyond the boundaries because the human brain is very vast. Some people say that art is for the visual hunger but more than a visual representation of beauty, art is a feeling that is felt, a sound that vibrates on the foundation of every individual’s existence.

colourful abstract painting
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Art sowed the seed of creativity and productivity in every human brain and existence watered that seed until it grew into an abstract tree. This creativity has revolutionised the world, it has metamorphosed it, it has brought in ideas and ideologies and has changed the way of thought followed by the humans for millennia.

However, all of this didn’t only happen in history, it is still happening and it will continue to happen until humans exist on the surface of the Earth, all we need to do is to look closer, to listen carefully and to feel deeply the art that touches us in every moment of our lives and to appreciate it and cherish it. Art has given us intricacy and simplicity, but more than that it has given us the liberty to be who we are and who we yearn to be. 



3 thoughts on “Art Metamorphosed the World

    1. Thank You for your insightful response. I do believe in the afore mentioned psychology of life. I think it is a very peaceful way to live and grow into our better selves.


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