Art: The Movement of the Millennia

Art is the expression that mankind has used since its beginning. It is the existence of beauty, in fact it is a pathway to beauty. Art makes everything more wondrous and intricate and of course the curiosity for intricacy is what gives man the fire to live. Art is a word similar to beauty not in terms of meaning but in terms of opinion. Both art and beauty are not classified into a specific category or faction and this is the reason why art doesn’t have a specific meaning to liberal minds. Let’s think of this way, when we say the word ART it doesn’t necessarily mean the same thing to everyone. Yes, it does have a specific meaning but that meaning doesn’t steal the essence of the word ART. However, if art is one thing, it is one of the marks of human existence.

worms eye view of spiral stained glass decors through the roof
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Art is the creativity of the human brain, it is the endless representation of productivity in different forms, using different mediums to create innumerable spectrums of beauty. Now just like beauty is viewed differently by every person, art is also regarded or criticised diversely by humans. However regardless of regard or criticism, the phenomenon of art remains unhindered.

This proves the fact that existence comes before opinions. And if there is one thing we can do, it is to regard the phenomenon not the type.

Now if we consider the meaning of art as told to us in dictionaries, it is an expression of human creativity of the human brain usually expressed in the form of paintings, sculptures, sketches, drawings, music, literature, theatre, etc. We all know that language evolves, in fact language is a category of art itself but over the years the meaning of art like every other meaning has evolved through years and centuries of evolution. In the beginning of time, art was mainly referred to as paintings, drawings or language. The type of art that I will be mainly focusing on in this blog is paintings, drawings or sketches. This means that I will be focusing on one specific ‘type of art’.

And for the next couple of weeks I will be focusing on this topic and category, writing more blogs about these before I move onto another idea or genre. This blog is just the introduction, the intricacy is coming.

Before we get into more intricate details and differences, let’s rewind and take a little look back into how it all began. Warning, this is not going to be like an accurate history lesson but just a little insight on the beginning of this movement of the millennia.

“Your are the artist and the art.”

– Bryant H. McGill

The Brief History of Art

Like everything that exists, everything has a beginning, a start in human race. This is why art itself did have a beginning. However no one exactly knows when or where art began although there is a common idea but you never accurately know when there is a whole world to look around in. Now around in the 30, 000 BCE people and explorers started discovering cave art. Now in the primitive time, people used to start drawing on the walls of caves usually to store memories or visions or to convey a message to someone else. Cave art was mainly discovered in Europe and Indonesia in the starting.

People either used to use wet mud or clay to draw by their hands and fingers. However their mediums of painting are still unknown. Then later on people did discover paints and pigments lying in caves and the cave art was around 30, 000 years old. Regardless art did come and now that it is surrounding us, we can’t get enough of it. It evolved from rocks to cloth, wood, glass, clay, pottery, paper, sketch pages, canvases, etc.  So this was the a little explanation on how it all began.

Types of Visual Arts

Now just like everything that exists, art does have categories to it. When it began it was one art but through evolution there’s not one but millions of others. Let’s have a look at some of them:

  1. Literary Arts, Literature including poetry, sonnets, written plays, prose, writings, etc.
  2. Linguistics and languages, Creative Writing, etc.
  3. Performing Arts, theatre, visual plays and dramas, dance, videography, etc.
  4. Types of Music and lyrical compositions, playing of musical instruments
  5. Photography
  6. Drawing, Sketching, Painting, Sculpting, Ceramics, Architecture, animation, calligraphy, graffiti, illustration, tapestry, etc.
  7. Designing, Graphic Designing, Textile Designing, etc.

In fact we’re all pieces of art in a world full of color. 

full frame shot of eye
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If art is what makes us who we are, if art is what gives us life, if art is what makes everything diverse, if art is a pathway to beauty and if art is the essence of life, lets all be colors on the canvas of existence.

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