The Joy in Melancholy

She says she hasn’t felt joy. She says she hasn’t seen the truth. She says she has missed it. She says she doesn’t like blue skies. She says there is more to melancholy. She says she can’t laugh because it feels adopted. She says it’s all too late. She says her tears make her happy. […]

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Poetry: The Essence of Art

Poetry is like water. It flows everywhere, in fact it is as powerful as water. People might think that water is weak and powerless but they often forget that gushes of water move rocks and drops of water erode rocks. This is why I apprehend that poetry is like water, it seems powerless but it […]

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The Phenomenon of Painting

Painting is the visual representation of who we are on the inside at various stages of our life. It helps us ‘see’ how we feel and who we are. More than that, paintings make our life beautiful and meaningful. For painters and artists it is a language of expression, a language through which they can […]

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Art Metamorphosed the World

The world is a canvas created by the Creator and we were given the choice to create and be the art that colors the pages of existence. Art is the one phenomenon that altered the world forever and since its discovery the world has never been the same as before. However art was not discovered, […]

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