The Importance of Bonds in Relation To Our Success

Since the beginning of time itself, the human race has been yearning for success. Not just the traditional kind of triumph but rather an extraordinary one. The great marathon starts the day you enter this world and ends the day you are to exit it. Throughout this holly sprint all that the runner looks forward to is the success waiting for him at the end of the finish line and so he runs and runs till the end of time where nothing remains in his hands anymore.

All the relationships he left on his way, all his friends and family that he took for granted and of course all those memoirs he spent so carelessly planning for the success that would alter his life. Little did that person know all those exquisite things he left behind were the significant ones.


According to me, success is a platform. To reach it, you need a staircase and once you’ve efficaciously cross that staircase you attain success. But that staircase isn’t made up of stone or wood, instead each of its steps is a bond we have with another person. And of course like in every staircase there are some uneven steps which will disrupt the moment we step on them. So the greater bonds we construct the more satisfactory and robust steps we are left with which won’t halt, and the more unbreakable steps we have in our staircase the quicker we are going to reach its end without tumbling in between.

“The world keeps on changing, but there is always something, somewhere, that remains the same.”

– Ruskin Bond

What is a Bond?

Hereinafter, we so frequently ask ourselves this mere question, “What is a bond?” “Do we really require it or have we already accomplished it?” These questions leave a person dumbfounded and make him recognize his own flaws rather than his achievements. So to oppose to those feelings I am going to clear out what a bond is.

A bond is an invisible tie between two people who are ridiculously close to one another and can easily be merged into one soul. A body has two belongings, a soul and a heart. We often mismatch these two things into thinking that they are identical. But they are not, unfortunately and that it is best if we distinct amidst them as best as we are able to.

First of all there is a physical body which is run by the heart. The heart provides blood to all parts of the body obliging it to move and carry out various functions necessary for its survival. But then what about our soul? Well, have we ever asked ourselves this question, “What powers our heart?” Our soul is the answer to that question.

The soul is actually the more veiled, mirror-like part of our heart that influences it. The foremost mission of our race is to allow our heart to be one with our soul. Their gap increases due to our inadequacies and anxieties. Well then a bond is a smaller part of our soul just like an atom is the smallest part of matter. When millions of these bonds combine they form a web and that web is called a soul. In other words, a bond can be a synonym of a relationship or an affiliation. Instead a relationship is something more physical and mutual but a bond is as said something like a concealed tie between two people, like a cherished promise.

In order to attain success we demolish our bonds with the most mandatory people in our lives because we think that people are a waste of time. But the moment we discard those bonds from our memory line we don’t apprehend that we are actually letting go of our soul.

However let’s not forget this that bonds are not necessarily with only PEOPLE. Bonds can be with things like books, passions, ambitions, dreams, etc. Regardless of whom or what the bond is with, the feeling of one is mandatory.

The Relation between Bonds and Success

In this case I would like to offer a modest yet demanding equation which can briefly benefit us in understanding the basic elements of success. I have named this equation ‘BES’ (Basic Element of Success):

Bonds + (Heart ×Soul) + Tactics →  Success

 Now if I tend to demonstrate this equation it will end up in actual success. The core component in this equation is Bonds. When we are going to have Bonds, our heart and soul will finally merge or multiply into one major thing and become one with our body and when we discover our one real self, there isn’t any obstacle we can’t overcome. The major thing formed when our heart and soul combine and increase is basically more than their independent forms.


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Ways in which Bonds Help Us to Conquer Success

  • Helps In Discovering Our Factual Identity

As I’ve said before our bonds are like an imperceptible web known as our soul that encases our heart, body and mind. It aids us in realizing our real identity, like who we are, what we want to be, our dreams, our desires and all the other obliging possessions that contribute a lot in our life. On our way to fame we cut ties with all the people around us and think ourselves very wise of doing so but illiterate are we that we choose materials over bonds.

  • Our Entire Support System

Our relations are our mainstay. They’re like a platform from which we rise and to where we must return after we’ve travelled and seen what we had rummaged for. No matter how many people reject us in our face there are others that will always accept us for our real personality because in associations and bonds traits do not matter. What’s truly mandatory is trust because that is what everything is based upon. Even success and fame is all about reliance. Until and unless you don’t have faith in your business you’re not bound to go any further. So no matter how many times you fail, fall, get overruled and turn up worn out, they’ll always open their arms and embrace you.

  • They’re Anti-depressant

Bonds are something that’ll never give up on us. Even if we let them go, they’ll stay with us in our consciousness and subconsciousness. If we end up resented on their doorway they’ll invite us in and make us laugh. Just when you laugh together with someone who has always remained trustworthy with you, you automatically forget all the strains in your life. It’s like bonds are another type of cure for anxiety and pressure besides belief.

  • More Bonds, More Connections

We don’t realize do we, of course how can we when we are blindfolded by the thirst of success. If we have bonds with people then we can attain contacts of various people they themselves know. Say you have a respected bond with someone who is a well-known person in the society. Sometimes his contacts with other people can get you opportunities. But this shouldn’t be the reason you bind with people, because when bonds are created in selfishness, they don’t remain bonds anymore.

Now that we know how much bonds contribute in our life’s journey let’s make people a part of our life and our success. Once again a bond is like this thin thread that connects two souls together. The two people’s hearts and souls reside on that thread and they both can only dwell peacefully on that thread until and unless it is balanced by conviction.

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