The Art of Writing

The Art of Writing is an art that forms the foundation on which lies the existence of the human mind and soul. It is the art that helps us as social creatures, to communicate and express all that this existence comprises of. Let’s explore this faction of eternal art that has marked each one of our legacies.

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The first question that arises in the human mind is, “What is ‘writing’ in actuality?” As millenniums have progressed from the start of time itself, the human language has evolved. Language is that beautiful creation that evolves and enhances with time. The word ‘writing or write’ originated in 3200 BC when the first writing style was invented. However the word’s origin is Germanic from the German word wrītan which means to ‘form letters by carving’.
This word is mainly divided into two main meanings:
1. To mark letters to form words, handwriting
2. written work, especially one with a certain style or quality
(modern: literary works)
In this blog I will be referring to the second meaning of ‘writing’.
“The art of writing is the art of discovering what you believe.”
– Gustave Elaubert

Types of Writing

Just like there are types of art, there are types of writing. Writing may be fictional, non-fictional, expository, descriptive, persuasive, narrative, poetic, expressive, fictional realism, etc. It can be a journal, an account, a formal or an informal letter, a script, dialogue writing, an essay, a memoir, a biography or an autobiography, a vignette, speech, debate, a blog or even just free writing. It completely rests upon the artist.

What is the ‘Art of Writing’?

For a long time, writing has meant a lot for me. It was the untold, the unheard voice inside of me that was begging to be heard. Writing was the skill that enhanced that voice. We all have voices inside of us that are meant to be heard and paid tribute to, however it is just a matter of time and practice to bring them out in the open. For me, writing was the first art that I discovered in my colorless life and it actually brought so much color with it that I, till now, am astounded with this phenomenon. To me this art is the greatest form of expression that I can use as a foundation to rest my whole soul on. It is the art that you just can’t get enough of.
The art of writing is the way it opens your mind to doors and windows that you never even knew existed before. It is like this feeling of liberty and creativity that you feel inside. You get lost in the characters that you are writing about and you learn to feel every word along this journey. Now it always bugged me, the fact that writing was made too complicated. To me writing was just a means of getting away from all that this world had to offer and to take a trip in another void, another world. However as you progress, you learn that there are complications to this art and that makes it harder for someone to find liberty in this artwork.
In my perspective, I learnt that as long as you keep this art free and unshackled, that is when its real beauty comes out into the open. Beauty is different for everyone and I think this art is not to be complicated, it is to be kept as simple and as pure as could be, but as long as you as a writer are satisfied. I honestly think that things around us in our everyday lives are so intricate and worrisome, so a phenomenon like art should be as free and mesmerizing as it could ever be.

How is this Art Beneficial to the Human Mind and Soul?

The beauty of art is that it gives you full liberty as long as you don’t try to confine it yourself with your own complexities. It gives you freedom from your anxiety, stress and doubt that burdens your mind since writing becomes a getaway for you. It gives you some time off from the worries in your life and gives you more windows to look out from. Writing originally becomes like a reflection of yourself since what you write and how you write it is the representation of who you are to yourself.
Writing makes you feel light and you feel like you’ve accomplished something in your life. Another amazing benefit of the art of writing is that it gives you and your soul the freedom of letting go. You get rid of your regrets and mistakes in life by writing about them because in writing them out you are actually being true to yourself by writing about what happened or the chances you’ve missed. That’s we if you’re going through a rough patch along the road of life, take some time out of the throbbing depression and fear and think about writing it out. It will help you accept the bitter facts of what happened and that it all happens for a reason.
This art is also another way to keep yourself occupied as time is to be utilized in the most resourceful way. The art of writing gives you confidence and you start to believe in yourself or at least in an art that expresses your inner beauty in the form of words. Now it’s completely up to you whether you choose to write in a specific way or you use a specific style of writing because it doesn’t matter what type of format you’re using as long as you’re satisfied with it and as long as it brings the inner you out onto the blank pages. Your writing doesn’t necessarily have to be published or read to the outer world, it can be kept in your own encased leather notebook as long as the pages have words of meaning and colors of your existence on it.
The art of writing is another great way to improve your creativity and productivity because you start coming up with more creative ways to express what you actually feel. The more you write, the better you know yourself and so you are able to express yourself better in front of others. It enhances your inner voice that co-exists in your mind and that becomes louder and clearer to you. It reduces the distance between your consciousness and subconsciousness because you learn to accept everything as it is. You also realize that just like you, we all have stories.
The one most important skill that the art of writing introduces you to, is accepting and respecting various perspectives and trying to look at things from various angles. You learn beautiful ways to look at things and become aware about how someone else can also look at the same thing in a million different ways.
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Like every art, the art of writing is magnificent in its own respectful way and nonetheless, it is an art that surrounds our existence and the prophecies of those that have led us to present day. Let’s all appreciate this art and become colors in this endless painting.

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