How Reading Changes Your Perspective

Perception is the phenomenon of each diversified ray of light that enters the goblet of life and is reflected in all directions until each ray converges in the eye of humanity and forms a picture worth living for. The picture of existence.

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As I mentioned in one of my blogs about “The Art of Writing”, I said that one thing that reading has taught me, is the diversity of perception. Everyday there is an example of how humans have been drained of their humanity, for me the only saviour that humanity can give birth to, is the respect for different perspectives. Perception is this beautiful phenomenon that makes each one of us different from the other.

Perspective makes each one of us unique, for our perspective forms the ink with which each one of us writes our life story and having writ, we realize how diverse one human life is from the other and the simple regard for diversity is humanity.

My Experience

When I started reading books of different genres, written by various authors related to a variety of religions and cultures, that is when I realized how different this bowl of existence is to each human eye. They say that eyes are the window to the soul, in fact they are the window to EVERY soul, phenomenon, existence and void. The eyes are the one thing that allows us to see beyond what is meant for us. Either it is seeing beyond the words written on the war-torn page of fate or seeing beyond the globe of confinement. This sight makes us divergent from those around us and as long as we as people respect the divergence in existence, that is when humanity blooms.
When I started reading, each word and each testimonial seemed distinct from the other and everything was different from what was generally understood. Reading is like this game of hide and seek with an even probability. Now the reader could either follow the dotted lines or the trail of fish crackers laid by the author as he or she reaches the conclusion. The other chance is that the reader forms his own choice of thought and perception and since he perceives the words and the plot of the author dissimilar from their original meaning or content, the conclusion and the journey is worlds apart for the reader.

Why Perspective is Important

My life revolves around diversity and the lack of humanity gets me on my edge because without humanity what are we as humans. If we think hard about it, every human soul, every heart, every mind, every religion, every ideology, every sound, every scent, every profession, every ray of light, every strand of hair, every particle that makes up everything is diverse from the other and this diversity teaches us the variance of perspective. Now when we learn to respect the variance of perspective, that is when change starts to formulate.
Now if we focus, the disrespect for divergent perception is the root of many, if not, most of the feuds and conflicts. Perspective is the difference of view, of contemplating, of understanding, of belief, of faith and in general the variance in how you take or see something figuratively. Now if it is disregarded, it will lead to a literal representation of the saying, “My way is the right way”. People will think as if they are the holiest of thou. When this happens, people will violate and contempt other people for their beliefs and ideals. This is mainly what is happening in the world because everyone cares to think that it’s either my way or the highway.
Becoming familiar with the existence of perception will help us and invoke us to respect it and hold it in high esteem because without knowing about existence, we can never appreciate or regard it. After understanding that there are different perspectives the one thing we can do is to respect the existence of each one of them, to listen to them but not scorn against them.
The other important thing that I wanted to add is that we all believe in a certain something in a definite way either because of our beliefs, morals, values or laws however faith works differently. Faith is something that you believe in without asking for proof or logic or in more simpler words, faith is blind belief. It is that one phenomenon that you believe in without questioning it. Now faith is different for everyone and by faith here I don’t necessarily mean religion or religious beliefs, I meaning anything that you believe in without questioning it.
Then again faith is different for everyone because when something is presented in front of someone, the brain has the capacity to judge, analyse and come to a conclusion on that thing and when all is concluded, faith has been sown to grow and bloom. However no matter how determined our faith is, it should not clog our sense of conscience, we should still respect other faiths and beliefs but still stay true to ours and try to reason ourselves with why someone would believe in such a thing. Try to think around the tunnels and streets of your faith and bring the bigger picture into focus.
Since every person varies from the other, some people do condemn others’ perception sometimes and I won’t say that I haven’t either but I honestly think that each one of us has at one point in our lives, which is okay. However, if you somehow cannot develop the habit of respecting someone else’s faith then this might work for you. First you need to understand that there is always a variance in faith and that it can never be similar, if you want to make it similar for everyone, that’s your choice and I respect that.
However, you need to apprehend that when faith or beliefs differ, you don’t necessarily have to accept another person’s faith or even declare it right. We all have our conscience and it works differently for every person. All you have to do is to respect other people’s beliefs and if you are unable to do that, just don’t comment or argue or even get involved in them but if you end up in a sticky situation, try to ignore the facts that irritate you or try to talk to the other person about them. Remember that before you start criticising people on their perspective, think about the fact that you also have your point of view and you won’t like it if someone else condemns you on that.
Faith and perception is a beautiful thing but rather than making it something that limits us or makes us stern towards others’ beliefs, it should be the bridge connecting us to acceptance and respect for not just others’ beliefs and faiths, but other prepossessing phenomena as well.
“You must look within for value, but must look beyond for perspective.”
– Denis Waitley
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How Reading Helps us to Understand and Respect Perspective

I’ve said this a million times, but believe me, reading was the one thing that made me understand the existence of perception and also led me to respect and appreciate it. It made me liberal, open-minded, respectful, understanding, flexible, appreciative and all in all it allowed my conscience to extend its range of wisdom and acceptance. I started reading at a very young age not under pressure but it was my never-ending curiosity that led me to that art.
Now if you’re already a reader you might be able to understand what I mean but even if you’re someone who doesn’t read a lot or has left behind the habit of it, this might also be helpful for you and I hope that this would now instigate you to start reading. In general these are just a few reasons that I came up with using my own experience:
  1. Books are Diverse Perceptions: When you develop the habit of reading, you don’t read books of any specific genre but you try to read books of different categories, authors, ages and languages. If you read a variety of books or a specific book series of an author, the written text in simplicity is the perspective of the author and his or her take on this world or a specific phenomenon in it. When you get to read their perception, be it fictional or non-fictional, the author’s choice of characters and his choice of words and description opens your mind to new ideas and you start to come on par with them.
  2. Reading is the Acceptance of Dissimilar Perspectives: When you read books, your brain is being introduced to new ideas and insights that you’ve never seen or heard before. However when you end up liking, appreciating or accepting a book, you’re basically accepting and understanding the existence of percipience and respecting its divergence. Nonetheless, when you disagree or dislike a certain book it might be that you disagree with the perspective of the writer which is okay because we all have our likes and dislikes. However this might not be the only reason to disapprove of a book but this could be a possibility if we are concerned with the existence of divergent perceptions in the world of books.
  3. More Books, More Ideologies: The more books you read the more knowledge and ideas your mind gains and trains itself to accept them and put them to good use. Various ideologies and their acceptance allows us to be open-minded about other people’s perspective because the bunch of diverse ideals teach us that perceptions can also be diverse.
  4. Makes us More Compatible to Form our Own Perceptions: Now this is a cycle. More variance, more ideologies, more divergence, more perceptions. When our brains are introduced to so many different literary and liberal texts, it starts to form perceptions of its own. It starts to understand things in its own designated way, it starts to think for itself and makes us question almost everything around us and it makes us accepting towards other perspectives. Most of all, when our mind forms perceptions of its own given the knowledge it has received, we automatically also respect other people’s perceptions. It’s just a matter of taking a little step for the betterment of our own personality that will in turn benefit humanity and its existence.
  5. Opens the Vaults of our Minds: Last but not the least, reading books just opens the vaults of our mind that allows us to explore passages and pathways of our brain that we never even knew existed. It cleans the clogged veins and nerves of our brain that allows us to think (figuratively). In simple words, it provides a broad horizon to look at and to believe in.


Perception is the liberality that allows us to live and let others live. Its disregard is the cause of the scarcity of humanism and its acceptance is the prospect that leads existence into inevitability.

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