Creating Your Own Library at Home

Libraries are considered as homes for the bibliophiles and no bookworm can escape a good library. However you don’t always have to go to some fancy, gigantic library to build the atmosphere when you can easily design one at home giving it your own personal touch.

library interior
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Now one thing that I wanted to emphasis on is that a library doesn’t necessarily have to be a separate designated room in the house or the apartment. If you are in the middle of building, buying or furnishing a house, then try to designate a room as a library however if you’re someone who lives in an apartment the you’re surely short on space. If you don’t have enough space, you can choose a corner in you room or lounge, add a few thing here and there and call that your library.

The Importance of Having a Library at Your House/Apartment

Basically, having a library in your own house or apartment gives you a designated area to keep your books and helps you to focus on things that you need to do. Generally, our minds have been trained that a library is for reading, focusing, contemplating and all that. This is the reason why libraries are important because they make it easier for you to think about work and focus on reading or studying.
Now we all often go to public libraries because either they are nearer to where we live and also because they provide us with a variety of books and an area to read. It is feasible to go to public libraries to borrow books, however sometimes you often get tired by sitting in the library and if you’re like me, you are never able to focus because you’re conscious as if everybody’s looking at you.
But, if you were able to create a home library for yourself, it would be more comforting according to your needs, an area where you feel like who you truly are and that is when your focus comes into reading, when you’re one with your consciousness and subconsciousness. The greatest thing about a home library is that it allows you to keep your books and bookmarks organized and if you’re running out on space in your house or apartment, you can make your library your work area/desk if you want to because both tasks require focus and silence.
An organized and clean library assures you that everything of importance is at one place and they won’t be misplaced as long as you fulfill your duties regarding them. A library can be a good way to showcase your books and your love for them to other people like friends or guests. It’s a perfect way to physically represent yourself and your character traits. A comfy, ornamented library also contributes to the interior designing of the house/apartment/room.
If you’re someone who always has guests or friends over to stay at your place, a furnished library would allow them to do their work comfortably and it will give them a nice, quiet place to spend time in and they can even find their way to a good book from your collections. An empty bookshelf instigates you to collect and buy more and more books, and more books instigates you to read. In general, a library is nothing but a tranquil paradise for the mind to retreat in.
“A library is not a luxury but one of the necessities of life.”
– Henry Ward Beecher

How to Create Your Own Library at Your Home/Apartment

Here are some ways on how to make a library at your house. Again remember, if you’ve just bought or constructed a house you can have a separate, designated room as a library but if you live in a dormitory, an apartment or a small house, then even just a corner of a room can be your dream library. Ways to create a library in your house:
  1. Bookshelf: First and foremost, buy a nice, polished wooden bookshelf because libraries are nothing without bookshelves. Now it’s pretty easy to get a bookshelf from a furniture store however if you have a tight budget then you can get a cheap bookshelf from second-hand furnishing stores or buy a used one online. If you’re buying a cheap or used wooden bookshelf then they often turn out to be dull and rough but to give them a nice, smooth finishing, you can polish them using wood polish. You can either get a big or a small one depending upon your own needs and upon how much area you have for your library because we don’t want all the space to be taken up by the bookshelf.
  2. Windows: Now this is a recommendation that if you have a separate room for the library, try to install some windows but if you live in an apartment then try to choose the corner with the window for your library. Now personally, I recommend windows in a library because first of all it makes it airy and picturesque. Windows also give you a sense of imagination and curiosity especially when you are reading. It basically gives you some space to think, wonder and visualize. Then again, this is a personal recommendation.
  3. Books: Now this point is of course not needed but just to give you a little push and instigate you, try to fill up the bookshelf with books of your choice, your favourite genres and authors etc. However for guests or friends, also try to include books that are a necessity or you think you or someone else would need. These can be religious books, historical, regarding your own culture, they could be about the place you live in, etc.
  4. Sitting Area: Now, another important feature in a library is comfortable seating because you’ll never be able to concentrate if you’re not comfortable. The first priority in seating should be comfort before design. Buy something that suits YOUR needs. You can also buy a large couch if you’re someone who likes to lie down and spread out while reading and a couch would also give you the option of sleeping through the night in your library if you’re going for an all-night. Another option for seating is to get a floor sitting. A floor sitting basically comprises of mattresses and cushions laid out on the floor that makes it super cosy especially with a warm blanket. The seating entirely depends upon you and the theme that you’re going with. One tip is to cover your sitting with a lot of cushions because they give a cosy feeling and makes you warm. Also keep a warm, soft blanket on your sitting in case it gets cold or you decide to fall asleep there through the course of the night.
  5. Table: It’s important to have a small little table near your sitting area to keep your pile of books that you are currently reading, a pen and a notebook, a laptop if you’re working, etc. The table just provides you more space to keep things like coffee or a beverage or anything else that you are eating while reading and this prevents the couch from getting dirty.
  6. Candles/Room Fragrances: Try to put some scented candles or room fragrances around to develop the atmosphere and make it feel fresh and invigorating. Try to choose scents that help improve focus and reduce stress and anxiety. According to studies done for aromatherapy, scents of lemon, lavender, jasmine, rosemary, cinnamon and peppermint help to improve focus and concentration while at the same time calming your mind. It relaxes your mind and improves productivity and thought-processing skills.
  7. Lighting: Lighting plays a very important role in reading because without the proper lighting, you may end up with big, black, nerd glasses. Lighting should not be that bright because then you’re eyes start to ache. However, at the same time it also shouldn’t be too dim-lighted or dull or else your eyes will struggle to read. Some of the options can be adjustable clip-on lamps, table lamps or even ceiling lamps according to your own needs. If you want to beautify or ornament your library more, then try to add night lights.
  8. Ornamentation: If you’re someone who spends a lot of time in the library, try to ornament and decorate your personal space according to your own favourites. Some suggestions can be little figurines or statues, small little metal buildings, crystal statuettes, photo frames, flower pots, vases, snow globes, antiques, etc. If you are an artist or your someone who likes art then you can add some color on the walls by hanging a few paintings or little flower pots. Then again if you are a collector of something, then you can also showcase your collection in your little library. You can also add a comfy rug to give it a more homey look.
  9. Pets: If you own a pet and you often like to spend time with them, then also arrange a little area for your pet to sit in while you read and both of you could cuddle together while you read. A warm time spend with your pet is irreplaceable.

That’s the best of it. Just remember to make it cosy and try to add things that reflect who you are. In the end try to ornament according to your own needs.

“A reader lives a thousand lives before he dies. The man who never reads lives only one.”
-George R. R. Martin

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