Starting Them Young

A young child’s mind is like a field, limitless and boundless. Since the child is new to the world and its ways, the child’s mind acts as a sponge and starts to soak in the little details about life around it and those become the habits of the child as he grows into adulthood. We as caretakers of our children should try our best to fill their never-ending field of mind with positivity and good habits, one of them being ‘Reading’.

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As mentioned above, since children are new to the world and the existence in it, they start adapting to what’s happening around them at all times, be it school or at home. This is why they say that the background and the surroundings of a child are of crucial importance because those two things form the youth of a country that is responsible for its inevitable future.
If we learn to indoctrinate good and positive traits in our children, they’ll grow up to be responsible citizens of the country. These habits can differ amongst households, the most common being; cleanliness, responsibility, household work and chores, respect, religious and moral values, rules and regulations, obedience, fitness, socialization, reading, learning, helping, educating, etc. My focus in this blog will be on the importance of the indoctrination of Reading on the younger children, mostly referring to children between the ages of 5-9 year olds.
“There are many little ways to enlarge a child’s world. Love of books is the best of all.”
– Jacqueline Kennedy

The Importance of ‘Starting them Young’

Here are some tenets related to why it is important to let young children read:
(Note: These are all reasons that I found important based on my own experiences as a child and they are in no way bound to be applicable to any set of circumstances.)
  •  The most obvious and the most important of them is that children grow up reading books and novels of various types and genres and they become interested in this genre of life.


  • As children, when they adapt this habit, they spent most of their time reading books and literary classics which automatically improves their grammar and enhances their vocabulary and their literary expression becomes on point.


  • Children at a young age tend to learn quicker at school since their learning processes of the brain improve through reading and their learning capabilities ameliorate. This in turn allows the child to perform better and cleverer at school than others.


  • The children have a boost of creativity and productivity in them due to reading and this tends to stay with them for the most part of their lives because remember, if a child adopts to a habit at a very young age, it tends to stick with him for the most part of his life. This is mainly the reason why parents are advised to get rid of their children’s bad habits at a young age because when children are young, it is undoubtedly their age of adaptation, meaning that they can either adopt the good deeds or the bad ones.


  • By reading books and learning about different phenomena surrounding the world, the child becomes curious about everything that surrounds him or her because they have read about a certain thing in a certain book and this eventually gives them space to contemplate about things they see everyday around them. This improves the child’s inquisitive skills and strengthens his thought-processing allowing him to think out of the box and to come up with astounding ideas and ambitions that he wants to pursue.



  • They become adaptive to the expertise of reading that stays with them for the most part of their lives and proves to be extremely helpful in every faction of their life, be it professional or personal.


  • They become refined in the language in which they tend to read be it Urdu, English, French, German, Arabic, Mandarin, Japanese, Hindi, Korean, Telugu, Punjabi, Russian, Spanish, etc. Whatever language that the child grows up reading in, they become skilled in writing and speaking that language fluently and expertly.


  • With reading, the child’s skill of creative writing also enhances because he is already a little familiar with the literary expression providing a strong foundation for creative writing..


  • As young children who often tend to complain that they are ‘bored’, reading is an amazing hobby that they can develop to keep themselves busy. This will not only keep them occupied for most of the time but this will actually groom and shape their personalities into graceful, respective children and later adults. This is also a better pastime for children rather than watching TV, movies or playing computer games, not that these activities are wrong in any way but a little reading goes a long way.This is again just my perspective on the overall situation.


  • Reading greatly alters the child’s perspective and the child actually learns more about the world and what actually goes on in its far corners or about the legacies of the past. All of this vastly refines the child’s knowledge and knowhow of things and existence, however this can only occur if the child himself reads with interest, taking it as fun or interesting rather than a burden of work.


How we can help our children to become Passionate Readers

Now these tenets are for any adult who looks after children or spends most of their time engrossed with them. Either you are a parent, a teacher, an elder sibling, a grandparent or any one who spends a lot of time with children, these are for you and for the betterment of our youth. Here are some tips on how you can develop the younger generation into inquisitive readers:
  • The first thing you can do is to form a routine for your children. Now this is more feasible if you are a parent or even an aunt looking after your children. Since the children are going to spend a lot of time with you, you as adults have the right to form a routine for your child so that he or she invests their time into something resourceful and productive. You can include time for reading in their schedule and make it compulsory for them so that they develop this habit at a young age. This way your child will also be able to learn to follow their routine throughout their life and they will become more organized.


  • If you are someone who often buys books for your children or even take them to the library, allow your child to choose and select books that he or she likes. Give them the freedom to choose what to read rather than forcing them to read a specific genre of book or author. The more liberty that you are going to give them, the more adaptive they are going to get with this art.


  • If you often decorate or furnish your child’s room, try to add more colorful books here and there, on their bedside table, on the dresser or even a good old bookshelf. This will automatically encourage the child to read and get lost in voids that co-exist around us on the form of books.


  • You should also try to take the children to the library as often as you can, increasing their interest in the bookish realm.


  • Try to make reading a priority for your children rather than work. As long as a child has fun in reading a book, his habits are going to develop but the moment reading becomes work, burden or they are forced to read them, their interest is going to fade away. They are then going to prefer watching movies and playing games as compared to reading books because reading is going to seem like work to them.


  • Now if you’re a parent or an elder sibling who usually looks after the younger children of the household, then one of your duties would be to tuck the children in bed. Now many parents around the world forget to perform this duty or take it for granted thinking what good would it probably do. However tucking a child in bed carries immense importance in a child’s life. If you happen to tuck a child in bed, try to read them some bedtime stories or tell them tales that you’ve either experienced or you can even just make them up. You can either read a short story from a book or a chapter from a novel to keep the child in suspense and this will make him or her look forward to the next day when you will move on with the story. Now I do understand that if you’re a working parent who doesn’t spend a lot of time at home or with your children, try to salvage some time out from your schedule and read a bedtime story to your child, even though this seems like hard work, but trust me it will be worth it in the long run.


  • Last but not the least, if there are children in your household, you being an adult is the person that they look up to and they’ll adapt habits that they often see you doing. This is why, try to read books in your ledger time so that the child sees you and follows you in your footsteps. This is not only applicable towards reading, but generally try to be the person you want your child to be like so that he or she follows you as a role model and soaks in the positivity that you emit.


As a result, let’s all focus on our younger generation and try to invest our time, effort and hard work in them because all that we invest in them, is our contribution to a more successful future.

“Children are made readers on the laps of their parents.”
– Emilie Buchwald


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