E-books and Audiobooks are Finishing the Art of Reading Books

The art of reading books is one where you feel the weight and the warmth of the book in your hands as if you’re holding your only anchor to your happiness, you feel the smoothness of each page as your skin touches each page to turn it over and continue the story, you feel the little force of each side of the book trying to reconcile with the other, you smell the rawest of scents, the smell of books overpowering every scent around you giving you the power to exit this world and enter a new one, like the smell of a new house, however the most beautiful amongst all of this is the touch of every word on the horizon of your consciousness and subconsciousness.

woman in black long sleeved looking for books in library
“The only thing that you absolutely have to know is the location of the library.” – Albert Einstein Photo by Skitterphoto on Pexels.com
“A book is a gift you can open again and again.”
– Garrison Keillor

E-books and Audiobooks

An E-book is an electronic book. According to the Dictionary an E-book is the digital version of a printed book that you can read on many devices like computers, mobiles, tablets or specially designed handheld devices. Nowadays this trend has arisen, one of reading books online. However when I hear the statement, “reading books”, going online and searching for a digital copy of a book and reading that is not what clicks in my mind. This blog like every other blog is an experience or a personal suggestion of my own.
Personally I don’t consider E-books as printed books. If we refer to the original or the first meaning of the word book, it means pages sewn to one side and bound together by covers. Now of course there are machines nowadays that are responsible to bound together books however the meaning stays the same. You can always read something online, be it research or poetry or blogs, however here I am referring to reading books as reading novels, fictional, non-fictional or biographical works.
Another new trend that has arisen is of audiobooks. Now audiobooks is the recording of a book, usually novels that you can easily listen to. Now audiobooks really get me off because if you are designating or taking out time to read but instead you are listening to a book why not take one and read it. Then again I would say that one of the pros of audiobooks is that you can listen to them in really noisy places with your earphones or headphones however reading becomes difficult in rowdy places. But, if you are listening to an audiobook while doing some other work, I think that you are being unfair to the book. You can’t often focus on either of the tasks, you won’t be able to focus on the audiobook and you’ll end up doing your work completely wrong.
I would say that E-books and audiobooks save you some effort rather than going to a library but you don’t find that much of a variety online as you do in a big, huge library or a bookstore. Also that there might be some vintage books that don’t have an E-book or an audiobook version yet. However you also don’t just get E-books or audiobooks for free. You still have to pay money to buy a specific E-book or audiobook. But if you are separating or taking out separate time to read an E-book or listen to an audiobook then try to prefer reading real books. Then again if you spend all your time listening to an audiobook with earphones or headphones then that can damage your hearing.
However whether you prefer reading E-books or listening to audiobooks or normally reading books, it’s just a personal preference and I am here to express mine.

The Art of Reading a Book

The art of reading a book is as described in the opening paragraph of my blog. It is an experience that you need to indulge in. It doesn’t have to be forcefully done, it is supposed to be a memory that continually rings in your mind instigating you to come back to it, to remember it. A book is like a house not a home, it becomes a home once you spend time in it, once you build memoirs with it and once you experience it. I think reading a book is an art to which there are no shortcuts because once you see it in its rawest form, you see beauty that cannot be replaced.
Books are voids that are better stored in pages rather than electronics. The world shall advance but let things be raw and pure because that is where the essence lies. Go to the library or the bookstore, run your fingers on millions of voids, choose one and feel the weight of it, the warmth of it, sniff the smell of it, take a peek into its world and make it yours.

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