Birth Anew.

Hush…hush as the silence corrodesA luminosity wavering beneath –Your shadowed gazes,And our muffled breaths.My name – it could echo in sinned ravines,The clamor of spoon against bowl,A slaughtering devoured in frame.Slackening close against the conscience…A noose of blossoming – wilt to birth anew.A tremble down the gouged globular organs:The red deepening within its stead.“Thy Lord […]

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An Unrequited Demise.

It trickled within us, the dwindling hypocrisy of peace; a promise of cure in sheer chaos. The converging sounds within the diverged hemispheres of our parallel existence, our refuge nestled within the confines of normalcy or a concealment of unfaltering vice. It baffled me, the thought of possession leading towards a resolute abandonment of all […]

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A Number.

The carcasses didn’t bloom that spring as I had fallen accustomed till then, the lilacs burning and the verdancy shriveling up into nullness. The patchy blotted surface and the warped edges of a dying leaf nestled in my fist; only dead matter was allowed inside our rooms. We were dead matter as well. Compostable and […]

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You’re right. When you murmur in the depths of your silent exhales, I might as well be a burden. A weight too heavy for the animate to sustain, as if I am no more than the struggle to be inanimate. I remember glorifying death when I was a youth; there is freedom in death and […]

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“A Chord Obscured.” by Imaan Siddiq

A Chord Obscured. Rustling and humming; gradually yet persistent in the befogged blindness enveloping the sorts of aristocracy. The only sounds that I resonated with, striking the hymns beneath the despondency, a shallow putridity clear yet translucent. The resin that our minds secrete as we dissolve beneath the drugged consciousness – a luminous dream and […]

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A Coffin of Chrysanthemums.

The interminable ruffles of silence,Enveloping and nestling deeper within the recluses of our reminiscence,Sniffing the scent of jasmine beneath the wavering putridity;“This too shall pass…” – death.A Vale of Verdancy luminescent alongside our globular organs,Forsaken yet reciprocated.The glimmer of ravens within your beady iotas.“My sepulchre…” as the whispers invigorate the phantoms lying awake.A brush of […]

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An Ode to Sanity.

An Ode to Sanity – A Short Story by Imaan Siddiq I can’t seem to unsee the demise that lies untethered in my line of sight. The flames of reverence that shall glisten on the doomsday of an unhindered gloom yet I won’t survive. I might as well die of internal conflict rather than the […]

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