A Number.

The carcasses didn’t bloom that spring as I had fallen accustomed till then, the lilacs burning and the verdancy shriveling up into nullness. The patchy blotted surface and the warped edges of a dying leaf nestled in my fist; only dead matter was allowed inside our rooms. We were dead matter as well. Compostable and […]

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You’re right. When you murmur in the depths of your silent exhales, I might as well be a burden. A weight too heavy for the animate to sustain, as if I am no more than the struggle to be inanimate. I remember glorifying death when I was a youth; there is freedom in death and […]

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“A Chord Obscured.” by Imaan Siddiq

A Chord Obscured. Rustling and humming; gradually yet persistent in the befogged blindness enveloping the sorts of aristocracy. The only sounds that I resonated with, striking the hymns beneath the despondency, a shallow putridity clear yet translucent. The resin that our minds secrete as we dissolve beneath the drugged consciousness – a luminous dream and […]

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A Coffin of Chrysanthemums.

The interminable ruffles of silence,Enveloping and nestling deeper within the recluses of our reminiscence,Sniffing the scent of jasmine beneath the wavering putridity;“This too shall pass…” – death.A Vale of Verdancy luminescent alongside our globular organs,Forsaken yet reciprocated.The glimmer of ravens within your beady iotas.“My sepulchre…” as the whispers invigorate the phantoms lying awake.A brush of […]

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An Ode to Sanity.

An Ode to Sanity – A Short Story by Imaan Siddiq I can’t seem to unsee the demise that lies untethered in my line of sight. The flames of reverence that shall glisten on the doomsday of an unhindered gloom yet I won’t survive. I might as well die of internal conflict rather than the […]

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The Unnamed.

(TW: This is written in the light of the unfathomable strength, courage and resolve of the people of Palestine and an earnest prayer for this genocide, ethnic cleansing and colonial settlement to end soon.) A façade. Enveloping, gradually insisting in the prevalence of a narcissistic idealism, one that feeds the fed and not the hungry. […]

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